Here’s What ISO 3,280,000 Looks Like on the Nikon D5

nikon d5 high iso sample

We’ve already reported on the release of the Nikon D5, and its specifications are somewhat impressive. The question on most of our lips is about the performance at high ISO speeds.

Nikon haven’t released any high ISO samples yet, but there was a showing of the cameras in Japan where users could check out the kit themselves. Whilst memory cards weren’t allowed and the slots were blocked up, someone has managed to photograph the camera’s LCD to give some idea of the performance.

nikon d5 high iso performance

So, let’s take a look! These images are all photos of the LCD, zoomed in to a small section of the scene (as shown below).

nikon d5 iso performance sample


Hi-1 (ISO 204,800)

nikon d5 high iso sample

Hi-2 (ISO 409,600)

hi-3 nikon d5 iso

Hi-3 (ISO 819,200)

iso 409,600 nikon d5

Hi-4 (ISO 1,638,400)


Hi-5 (ISO 3,280,000)


It is clearly unusable above Hi-3 level, but we think it looks pretty impressive at Hi-1 (ISO 204,800 equivalent). Hopefully it won’t be too long until we see some proper sample photos at high ISO levels, but initially it does look promising.

(via Radical and Nikon Rumours)


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