About Nature TTL

Nature photography is our obsession. Whether it be landscape, wildlife, macro, or astrophotography, Nature TTL has a wealth of information that’s free for anyone to read.

It’s a difficult genre of photography, however. That’s why we decided to offer high quality tutorials written by real professional nature photographers; we’ve been doing it since 2014.

Let’s meet the team behind Nature TTL!




Will Nicholls

Visit Will's website - www.willnicholls.co.uk

Will Nicholls

Will is a professional wildlife cameraman and photographer from the UK. He has been behind the camera since 2007, picking up a string of awards in photography competitions before making the jump into natural history film-making.

Nature TTL was launched in 2014, just before Will headed off to university to study Zoology.

Nowadays, Will is a canopy access specialist and, when he isn't writing for Nature TTL, he's probably sat atop a tree in a platform hide filming wildlife.



Laura Richardson

Visit Laura's website - www.laura-richardson.com

Laura Richardson

A nature photographer herself, Laura has a BA (Hons) in Marine & Natural History Photography and has photographed wildlife in the jungles of Borneo, the beaches of Thailand, and the cities of Vietnam.

Laura spends a lot of time looking at nature photos and working with professional photographers. She joined as our Assistant Editor in early 2019, and she's responsible for maintaining our content schedule and ensures that there's something new for you to read throughout the week!

She also manages our social media accounts, and you can usually find her perusing images over at Nature TTL's Instagram feed.