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Who We Are

Nature TTL is a free resource for nature photographers, filled with tutorials, inspirational features, and equipment reviews. The website was founded in January 2014, and has since served thousands of photographers each day. We’re not some money grabbing organisation, and were founded purely as an educational resource to help inspire others. Good ethical practices have always been a part of our ethos, whether that be in our photography or how we handle your personal data. Your information is safe with Nature TTL.

Types of Data We Collect

Website Cookies

Nature TTL will sometimes use cookies to enhance your user experience. This is a piece of text that is saved to your browser by a website, and almost all websites on the internet will use cookies in some form. This allows a website to save particular information to your device so that it can later be retrieved. For example, this let’s us see how often you have been visiting our website.

Cookies do not collect personal information about you. You can, however, set your browser to not accept cookies from the Nature TTL website if you wish.

Google, being a third party entity, uses cookies to serve adverts on our website that allows us to fund and publish our content. They use DART cookies, enabling it to serve ads to you based on your visits to other websites. You can opt out of this by visiting Google’s website.

Google also collects anonymous information about your visits for the purpose of providing Nature TTL with statistics about users visiting our website. For example, they provide us with the number of visits per person, location, device used, browser type, etc. This data is all anonymous, and it is not possible for us to trace a particular person through this information.

Email Addresses

The backbone to Nature TTL is our mailing list – this allows us to contact our readers each week that opt-in to our newsletter. Emails you can expect to receive from Nature TTL include:

  • Weekly newsletter with new tutorials
  • Special editions for new subscribers, detailing some of our older articles
  • Occasional Nature TTL product promotions (such as new eBooks being launched)
  • Placements from third-party advertisers within our newsletter

You can provide Nature TTL with your email address voluntarily to join our newsletter, and it is possible for you to opt-out at anytime. You also have full access to your personal data, and can remove it from our system at anytime should you wish to do so.

We use a third-party provider, MailChimp, to deliver our newsletter. We gather statistics around email opening and click rates, using industry standard technologies. More information about this can be found in MailChimp’s privacy notice:

We don’t share your email address with any third-party entities, and it is stored securely by MailChimp on behalf of Nature TTL.

Access to Your Personal Information

Under GDPR regulations for EU members, anyone who provides their data to Nature TTL has the right to access and amend it. This can be done easily by clicking the “unsubscribe” or “update preferences” links at the bottom of every email you will receive from us. You can also completely remove your information from our system this way.

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