Luminar 4 is Coming: AI and Sky Replacement

Today, Skylum has announced the upcoming release of Luminar 4 – the latest version of the Luminar photo-editing software. A popular choice for those looking to move away from subscription-based programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Luminar 4 will be available this autumn.

The current iteration, Luminar 3, is proving popular amongst photographers who what to take charge of their workflow in what is a very customisable editor. We have written a review of Luminar 3, which you can read here.

Skylum is keeping its cards close to its chest at the moment, but the announcement of Luminar 4 does come with one teaser: AI Sky Replacement. Harnessing the power of “artificial intelligence,” Skylum has released the “first ever” tool for replacing skies in one click. Fancy a sunset instead of a blue sky? No problem.

luminar 4

luminar 4

The tool detects and masks the sky in a photo, a process that can often take a long time, whilst also paying attention to objects in the scene which may protrude above the horizon line.

It then works to remove halos, artefacts, any unwanted edges in transitions, and other potential problems. This rapid sky replacement technique will no doubt be a great tool for those who like to work with composite imagery.

“When you select your sky of choice, you’ll see the rest of your photo change in terms of light and colour,” says Skylum. “An image and the sky match so that they appear they were taken during the same conditions.”

luminar 4 luminar 4

Getting your hands on Luminar 4

Other features of Luminar 4 will no doubt become clearer closer to the autumn launch date. But, for now, you can pre-order Luminar 4 and a bundle of “signature looks” (great-looking presets you can apply to your images) for just $59.

Remember, with Luminar, it’s a one-off payment instead of a regular subscription program. Once you’ve bought it, you own it forever.

For more information on Luminar 4, visit the Skylum website.


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