The Best Focal Length for Landscape Photos

What is the best focal length for landscape photos? Which lenses do I need for landscape photography? Professional photographer Ross Hoddinott answers these questions.

Learn whether to use a wide-angle, mid-range, or telephoto lens for your landscapes. Each type of lens produces different results, and each has their place in your camera bag.


Ross Hoddinott is among the UK’s best-known landscape and natural history photographers. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and the author of several bestselling photography titles, including The Landscape Photography Workshop (with Mark Bauer). Based in Cornwall, Ross is best known for his images of the South West of England, but he travels all over the UK in search of outstanding views and atmospheric conditions. He is a Nikon Alumni, an Ambassador for Manfrotto and a Global Icon for F-Stop Gear. Ross is a popular and experienced tutor and co-runs Dawn 2 Dusk Photography, specialising in landscape photography workshops.