Where to Focus in Landscape Photography


Knowing where to focus in landscape photography is one of the biggest questions you might have if you’re shooting scenics. There are a number of different techniques, and you have probably read comments of people swearing by one technique over another.

In reality, though, focusing a landscape photo is possible through a few methods and you’ll get acceptable results with each. In this video, renowned landscape photographer Ross Hoddinott looks at a number of different methods you can use to focus a landscape photo.

Hoddinott looks at hyperfocal distance focusing, focusing a third of the way into a scene, before then settling on his favourite: double distance focusing. This technique is lesser known, but it has great results and is easy to do in almost all situations.

Once you’ve got your focus point for a landscape photo nailed, Hoddinott moves on to some fantastic tips for improving the sharpness of your landscape image.

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Ross Hoddinott is one of the UK’s leading landscape and close-up photographers. He is the author of several photography books, including The Art of Landscape PhotographyThe Landscape Photography Workshop and From Dawn to Dusk – Mastering The Light in Landscape Photography. Based in the South West of England, Ross is best known for his intimate close-up images of nature, and for evocative landscape photographs. He is an Ambassador for Manfrotto and Nikon UK (2013-15) and co-runs Dawn 2 Dusk Photography.