Where to Focus in Landscape Photography

As a landscape photographer, knowing where to focus your camera in a landscape scene is not always as straight forward as you think. Properly choosing where to focus will determine whether you have sharpness throughout your image from the foreground through to the background.

There are a number of different approaches you can take when choosing where to focus. For example, focusing a third way into the scene or using the hyperfocal distance may seem like the best way. But these methods are not always going to maximise your depth of field and image sharpness.

Instead, Nikon Ambassador and renowned landscape photographer Ross Hoddinott has a different method that he explains in this video. Ross also shares a number of things that he does to maximise the sharpness of his images.

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Ross Hoddinott is one of the UK’s leading landscape and close-up photographers. He is the author of several photography books, including The Art of Landscape PhotographyThe Landscape Photography Workshop and From Dawn to Dusk – Mastering The Light in Landscape Photography. Based in the South West of England, Ross is best known for his intimate close-up images of nature, and for evocative landscape photographs. He is an Ambassador for Manfrotto and Nikon UK (2013-15) and co-runs Dawn 2 Dusk Photography.