Remembering Tigers: Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Hits Target Within Eight Minutes

remembering tigers

In under 8 minutes, a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to produce the ninth book in the Remembering Wildlife photo book series reached its target.

Remembering Wildlife, the groundbreaking photo book series that’s already donated more than £1.1m GBP ($1.4m USD) to conservation projects around the world, has once again smashed the crowdfund target to produce its ninth book – Remembering Tigers.

remembering tigers

A minimum of £20,000 was needed to fund production of the book, and that target was hit within eight minutes of the Kickstarter crowdfunding going live at 9am on 29 March 2024.

All profits from the eventual sale of the book will be donated to organisations working to protect this endangered big cat.

The crowdfunding campaign, which has now hit more than £102,000 in pledges over its first weekend, runs until 28 April 2024. Remembering Wildlife hopes even more money will be raised so that as many books as possible can be produced, with all profits going to save tigers.

remembering tigers
Andy Parkinson / Remembering Tigers

There are only around 5,500 tigers left in the wild and sales from Remembering Tigers will be used to fund conservation projects working to protect them. 

The book will be published on 7 October 2024 and will feature stunning images donated by many of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, including Art Wolfe, Jonathan & Angela Scott, Greg du Toit, and Sergey Gorshkov. This year’s cover image was taken by Sarah Skinner.

Remembering Tigers
Archna Singh / Remembering Tigers

Weighing up to 260kg and measuring up to 3 metres in length, the tiger is the largest of the big cats.

It is found in Asia, from India through to the Russian Far East and into China, and its habitat ranges from sub-tropical forests to snow-covered mountainous terrain. However, it is listed as ‘endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

remembering tigers
Sachin Rai / Remembering Tigers

Remembering Wildlife Founder and Producer Margot Raggett MBE said: ‘The tiger is recognised the world over, yet it is the most endangered of all large cats, with an estimated population of just 5,500 – less than cheetahs and far fewer than lions.

‘These beautiful creatures, with their stunning stripes, each utterly unique, are now restricted to just 10% of their historical range.

Remembering Tigers
Marius Coetzee / Remembering Tigers

‘Tigers are threatened by loss of habitat, illegal hunting for the Chinese medicinal trade, widespread killing of their prey for bushmeat, as well as retaliation for attacks on humans and livestock.

‘Numbers are, thankfully, increasing in some areas, due to recent successful conservation measures, yet tigers are still the least numerous of all the large wild cats. There’s no time to waste. Now is the time for us to tell their story.’

remembering tigers
Paul Goldstein / Remembering Tigers

Exciting rewards are available for Kickstarter supporters, depending on the individual amount pledged. Rewards include a first-edition copy of the book, limited-edition prints, bespoke jewellery items, and safari experiences offering the chance to spot tigers as well as other wildlife.

Remembering Tigers
Sergey Gorshkov / Remembering Tigers

To find out more about the projects that have already been funded by Remembering Wildlife, you can visit the project’s website.


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