New Canon f/11 600mm and 800mm Lenses for Mirrorless

Canon has unveiled two new f/11 telephoto lenses for the mirrorless RF mount: 600mm, and 800mm lens.

The announcement comes alongside that of the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 mirrorless bodies.

Today’s announcements will all be of particular interest to wildlife photographers, especially those who are looking for more lightweight and compact equipment.

These lenses are particularly small and compact, thanks to the f/11 maximum aperture. They also feature a retractable barrel that reduces the profile of the lens when not in use. The 600mm lens weighs in at 930 grams, whilst the 800mm counterpart is 1,260 grams.

This f/11 aperture is, however, 2-stops slower than an f/5.6 lens and 4-stops slower than one of f/2.8.

Canon has been quick to point out that the bright EVFs of the R-series cameras enables shooting and achieving focus through these narrow lenses easily achievable.

Canon 600mm f/11 lens.


For those looking to achieve a pleasing bokeh, Canon claims that it is still possible thanks to the particularly long focal lengths of the lenses.

Syncing alongside the in-body image stabilisation of the R5 and R6 cameras, the 600mm and 800mm lenses offer 5-stops and 4-stops of image stabilisation respectively.

Canon 800mm f/11 lens.

Both lenses feature an STM stepping AF motor, making them of particular interest to videographers. There is a customisable control ring, as expected from the RF series of lenses, allowing for further control.

The lenses are also compatible with RF extenders, should you wish to further increase the reach available to you.

The lenses will be available from the 30th July, with the 800mm priced at $899 and the 600mm at $699. They are available for pre-order now: 600mm / 800mm.


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