Remembering Wildlife Launches Campaign for African Wild Dogs Book

Remembering Wildlife, the conservation fundraising photo book series, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce the 6th book in the collection. Remembering African Wild Dogs will help to protect another of the world’s most endangered animals.

The Remembering Wildlife series aims to fund projects to protect some of the world’s most endangered species. The project has already raised more than £750,000 ($1,000,000) for 49 conservation projects across 23 countries since the first book was published in 2016.

The team hope that the release of their new book Remembering African Wild Dogs will take their fundraising total to over £1,000,000.

Cover photograph – Neil Aldridge

With only approximately 6,600 African wild dogs left in the wild, the species is in desperate need of support. Remembering Wildlife aims to fund projects to protect them with money raised from sales of Remembering African Wild Dogs.

The book will be published on 6th November 2021 and will feature stunning images contributed by many of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, including Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Greg du Toit, and Charlie Hamilton-James. This year’s cover image was taken by Neil Aldridge.

Image Credit: Hannes Lochner/Remembering African Wild Dogs

Production of the Remembering Wildlife book series has been made possible from support on Kickstarter. Much like the rest of the series, the production of Remembering African Wild Dogs will only be possible with the support of Kickstarter pledges. Once the book has been made, all profits will be donated to the cause. 

The Kickstarter campaign is live now and will run until 4th April 2021, with the aim to raise a minimum of £20,000 to ensure the book can be published.

Image Credit: Ann & Steve Toon/Remembering African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs are the second most endangered carnivore in Africa and, like many species, African wild dog populations have been faced with an ever-decreasing habitat, conflict with humans (generally protecting livestock), susceptibility to disease, bushmeat snares, and predation from larger carnivores. 

The Remembering Wildlife book series was created by wildlife photographer Margot Raggett. After encountering a poached elephant while working in Kenya, she was moved to act; so far she has published five books: Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, and Remembering Cheetahs.

Margot’s aim for each book was to make the most beautiful book on a species ever seen, using images donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers. 

Image Credit: Andy Skillen/Remembering African Wild Dogs

Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign will be eligible for exclusive rewards including first edition copies of the book, limited-edition prints, bespoke jewellery items and safari experiences.

“African wild dogs aren’t as well-known as other species such as lions and cheetahs and yet they are in such trouble, that I believe it’s our duty at Remembering Wildlife to tell their story,” says Raggett. “They deserve our attention every bit as much as some of the more ‘well-known’ species.

“With the pandemic still reducing travel to many places in Africa which rely on tourist dollars to fund conservation, it is more important than ever that organisations like ours try and step up to plug the gaps.”

Image Credit: Will Burrard Lucas/Remembering African Wild Dogs

The Remembering Wildlife series has harnessed the generous support of their previous Kickstarter campaigns to turn an impressive profit, with every £1 pledged to their previous campaigns being turned that into a donation to a conservation organisation of more than £1.30. They have proved that the model of using Kickstarter funding to provide the initial cash flow to produce the books which, in turn, creates a profit enabling the support of wildlife and habitat conservation for the species.

To support the Kickstarter, head to the project page. To find out more about the Remembering Wildlife series, head to their website.

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