The Ultimate Guide to Astrophotography


Capture images of stars and other celestial phenomena with this in-depth guide to astrophotography.

Written by astrophysicist and photographer Alex Conu, this eBook will show you how to photograph everything from the Milky Way to meteors burning through our atmosphere.

Or perhaps you want to know how to capture the incredibly rare “moonbow” on camera? This guide will ensure that your photos are out of this world!

With your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Astrophotography, you’ll learn:

  • How to capture sharp, dazzling starscapes
  • The necessary steps for mesmerising Milky Way photos
  • How to use the moon to create dramatic nightscapes
  • How to capture rare conjunctions between celestial objects
  • The settings necessary for lunar and solar eclipses
  • and much, much more!
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This eBook will show you how to set your photos apart in the world of astrophotography. Struggling to get sharp stars? Stuck on how to photograph a lunar eclipse? Need advice on how to shoot the northern lights?

We’ve got you covered.

Crammed full of information, The Ultimate Guide to Astrophotography is as fascinating as it is educational. Learn from an expert astrophotographer and trained astrophysicist with this unique guide.

About the Author

Alex Conu is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway, originally from Romania. Besides a degree in photography, Alex also holds a major in astrophysics, thus having a deeper understanding of the astronomical phenomena he photographs. He is a member of TWAN – The World at Night, a bridge between art, humanity, and science.


What devices can I read this on?

This eBook can be read on anything that can read a PDF. That includes laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones and more. Pretty much anything can read a PDF!

Do I need expensive equipment to benefit from this eBook?

No! Alex believes the best camera is the one you have. Whilst certain equipment may allow you to achieve particular images or effects, any photographer will benefit from this eBook.

How do I download my book?

Click one of the download now buttons on this page, and follow through the checkout process. You can use PayPal to make a card payment even if you don’t have an account. You’ll then be emailed a download link automatically so you can get your book.

Can I buy this if I’m not living in the UK?

Yes! Prices are quoted in GBP, but you can buy this from any country. Just follow the checkout process and your currency will be converted automatically.

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