The Photographer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing


Social media is key for photographers looking to promote their work to a wider audience. But do you find it to be a total minefield?

This eBook will decode the world of social media marketing in an easy-to-read way, helping you to build yourself an audience and get your photos seen by thousands.

With your copy of The Photographer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, you’ll learn & benefit from:

  • How to beat Facebook’s algorithms
  • The ways Twitter can further your career
  • Making the most of your Instagram posts
  • How to be successful on YouTube
  • How to run your own Facebook adverts
  • Helpful resources you can use to manage your social media
  • And loads more…!
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This eBook will look at each of the main social media platforms and how you can make them work to your advantage. You’ll learn about what to do and, crucially, what not to do. Best of all, it’s all in easy-to-read language and no confusing jargon.

Focus in on how to build your audience organically without spending a penny. Once you’re ready to take it up a gear, you’ll also learn how to run your own Facebook adverts and develop the skills to help you make a profit.

About the Author

Will NichollsWill is the founder of Nature TTL and has been selling his photos since 2008. With a natural love of business, Will has worked to develop his business as a freelance photographer and has been able to make a career out of what started as a much loved hobby.

His photos have been published internationally, used in major advertising campaigns across the country, and even been used commercially on television.


What devices can I read this on?

This eBook can be read on anything that can read a PDF. That includes laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones and more. Pretty much anything can read a PDF!

What if I’m not a professional?

That’s fine! This eBook is great for those looking to get their photos seen by a wider audience, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional.

How do I download my book?

Click one of the download now buttons on this page, and follow through the checkout process. You can use PayPal to make a card payment even if you don’t have an account. You’ll then be emailed a download link automatically so you can get your book.

Can I buy this if I’m not living in the UK?

Yes! Prices are quoted in GBP, but you can buy this from any country. Just follow the checkout process and your currency will be converted automatically.

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