Luminar 4.2 Update: New AI Tool for Augmented Skies

Photo-editing software Luminar 4 came onto the scene with a host of AI editing tools. An update released today brings a new tool, called AI Augmented Sky, that allows users to intelligently insert objects into their skies.

In what will almost certainly be a controversial tool, the AI Augmented Sky opens up more creative possibilities. This is not a tool to be used to create “fakery” to be passed off as a real photograph, but instead to allow artistry and experimentation.

luminar 4.2 augmented sky
The new Luminar 4.2 tool allows you to insert objects into skies.

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The tool is similar to the AI Sky Replacement that came packaged with the original version of Luminar 4. However, instead of swapping out skies it adds to them.

By intelligently masking out the sky, the program quickly inserts new objects that appear behind any foreground details. There is no need for pain-staking masking or alterations, and successful edits can be made with a few clicks and adjustments of sliders.

Of course, it is possible to go a little crazy. Users are able to add their own objects for inclusion, as long as they are from an image with a black or white background. So, if you want an elephant looming down upon the Earth then that is absolutely possible.

luminar 4.2 update

“We’re really excited to see how photographers use the AI Augmented Sky to create digital works of art,” says Dima Sytnyk, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Skylum. “[It] can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!”

The new AI Augmented Sky tool can be found in the Creative tab. To gain access to it, users of Luminar 4 must download the new 4.2 version update that is available worldwide as of today.

Further updates to Luminar 4

There are further updates to Luminar 4 beyond the new AI tool. There are some performance updates that will no doubt be welcomed particularly by those with less powerful machines.

Improvements have been made to the ML Cache, which “will increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the [computer’s] processor.”

Windows users will also benefit from “preview preset multithreading” and “third-party plugin implementation.” The former will boost the performance of multi-core systems, and the latter will allow use of Luminar 4 alongside plugins from Aurora HDR, DxO Nik Collection, and Topaz plugins.

Downloading Luminar 4 and the update

For current users of Luminar 4, just select the check for updates option from within the application’s toolbar.

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