8 Famous Landscape Photographers for Inspiration

Stuck for inspiration with your landscape photos? One of the best ways to break through that mental block is to explore the work of famous landscape photographers, gleaning creative inspiration from their images.

For those that have been behind the camera for a while, you may already know a lot of the photographers on this list. However, if you’re just getting started as a landscape photographer then prepare to be amazed!

With this success comes an almost guaranteed venture into full-time photography as a professional. A good place to start, however, is obtaining awards in a photography competition – it is a great way to use such a platform as a launchpad for your work.

Be sure to take a look at what image makes each person’s work stand out, and try to figure out what has secured their place as a famous landscape photographer today.

1. Joe Cornish

A household name in the world of landscape photography, Cornish has been a figure of inspiration for many over the years. His gallery, the Joe Cornish Gallery, located in the north of England plays host to not only his own work but that of many other great photographers.

Website: www.joecornishgallery.co.uk

2. Ansel Adams


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Half Dome, Merced River, Winter by Ansel Adams – available as a Yosemite Special Edition Photograph (tap the shop tag to learn more). Ansel Adams made this image in 1938 with an 8″ x 10” view camera from the Old Sentinel Bridge near the Yosemite Chapel. Though the old bridge was replaced in 2000, the new Sentinel Bridge remains one the best viewpoints in Yosemite Valley and a popular spot for photographers, in large part because of Adams ‘ photographs from this location. Ansel Adams made many prints of this image, including a mammoth 38′ x 60′ mural that hung above the fireplace of Best’s Studio in Yosemite Valley for many years. Ansel’ father-in-law, the landscape painter Harry Best, opened his studio in 1902 and when he died in 1936, it passed to Adams ‘ wife Virginia. In 1972, it was renamed The Ansel Adams Gallery.

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You can’t have a list of famous landscape photographers without including Ansel Adams. Adams lived 1902 – 1984, and was famous for his black and white images of the American West. He used his work to promote conservation messages, and it was his images that helped to establish landscape photography in the world of fine art.

Website: www.anseladams.com

3. David Noton

Noton has been a landscape photographer for over 32 years. He has travelled all around the world in search of the perfect landscape picture, and has many of them to prove it.

Website: www.davidnoton.com

4. Ross Hoddinott

Hoddinott, who lives in Devon in the UK, is one of the better known landscape photographers from the UK. His work features a strong portfolio of images taken in the south west, but also features landscapes from further afield. His images have secured countless awards since a young age, and he continues to teach others throughout the year. Hoddinott is also a Nature TTL writer since 2014.

Website: www.rosshoddinott.co.uk

5. Mark Bauer

Long-term friend and colleague of Hoddinott, Bauer is a landscape photographer from Dorset, UK. He has published many books around the world, and has also secured a number of awards for his work. Bauer is also a Nature TTL writer.

Website: www.markbauerphotography.com

6. Sandra Bartocha


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Bartocha is a German photographer who has a unique abstract style in her work. Her images have been awarded in major international competitions, and she focuses on the smaller details in a landscape.

Website: www.bartocha-photography.com

7. Frans Lanting


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Photo by @FransLanting Every iceberg tells a story. Each one is a snapshot of water frozen in time. I photographed this blue diamond along the Antarctic Peninsula in early summer knowing it would be gone in a few months. Ninety percent of all ice on Earth is contained by Antarctica, and as our planet warms, ice shelves and glaciers dislodge an ever-larger portion of it each year into the Southern Ocean, where most icebergs melt away in a single season—adding to sea level rise. That’s how the life cycle of ice far away affects everyone living along a sea coast anywhere. A global #ClimateStrike will take place tomorrow, Friday, September 20, in advance of the UN Climate Action Summit, demanding action to address the climate crisis we are facing. The September 20 strike will kick off a week of actions capped by another strike on September 27. We urge you to take a stand with us. Together, let’s show our politicians we are serious about the fight against climate change. Join us, @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom, in this effort, and check the link in my bio to find out about events in your community and how you can join the strike. @thephotosociety @leonardodicaprio @gretathunberg #Antarctica #Iceberg #ClimateStrike #ClimateCrisis #naturenow #strikewithus #globalwarming #savetheplanet #gretathunberg

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Lanting is a National Geographic photographer and world-renowned creative. Capturing both landscape and wildlife images, he is a famous nature photographer and inspiration for many.

Website: www.lanting.com

8. Chris Burkard


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Nature will wait. I hope we can too.

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International photographer, speaker, and director, Burkard is a popular name in the landscape photography world. His work feature scenes at both day and night, and he lives in California, USA.

Website: www.chrisburkard.com

Who inspires you?

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Have we missed any famous landscape photographers? Let us know in the comments!


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