13 Amazing Landscapes by Alex Mody

Alex Mody is a very talented landscape photographer from the USA who is, at the time of writing this article, just 22 years old. We have selected a sample of his finest images for you to look through. Enjoy!

Abraham Lake

A beautiful winter sunset over the entirely frozen and snow-free Abraham Lake. The bubbles in the ice are caused by trapped methane gas. If you were to puncture the ice and release the gas with a flame over it, you’d be greeted with a huge ball of fire. Methane is extremely flammable, yet seemingly beautiful in this photo. The lake is located in Alberta, Canada.

Adrift Chittenden Reservoir

A small island sporting a gorgeous mix of differently coloured trees appears from the mist. Alex spotted this opportunity for a great photograph at Chittenden Reservoir in Vermont, USA.

Athabasca River

This is Athabasca River, found in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. Alex perfectly utilised the beautiful golden light of the sunset to bring warm tones into this chilly scene.

Blackwater Falls State Park

We’ve seen many images of waterfalls, but never one quite like this. Alex clearly has a great eye for an interesting shot, as he used a slow shutter speed to record the movement of fallen leaves in this swirling pool. This was taken in West Virginia, USA.

Columbia River Gorge

The blue tones in this photo make it feel cold and icy. This is a fitting choice of colour balance by Alex, as it works well with the fresh snow and glacial waters of Spirit Falls. This 33-foot waterfall is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, USA.

Green Mountain National Forest

The changing of the seasons captured in one image. The green colours of summer give way to the yellows of autumn. Captured in Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont, USA.

Icy Punchbowl

Heavy snowfall and a deep freeze allowed Alex to capture this rare image of Punchbowl Falls in Eagle Creek, Oregon, USA.

Mather Gorge Dawn

A slow shutter speed records the fluid movement of the water, giving it a milky and smooth feel. The sky compliments nicely, taking on an amazing pink hue during a late summer sunrise. Taken in Great Falls National Park, Virginia, USA.

Mount Rainier National Park

More stunning purple and pink hues can be seen in this image, reflected nicely by the white snow. In contrast, this image was taken at sunset and not sunrise like the above photo. The day’s final rays of sunlight are cast onto windswept ridges and high cirrus clouds over Washington’s 14,411 foot Mt. Rainier.

Stacked Fir and Spruce

Alex took this photograph in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA. The incredible mosses covering the fir and spruce trees makes for a different, yet compelling image. A portrait aspect compliments the vertical trees nicely, making for a different and almost abstract image.

Tonquin Valley

The immensely impressive Rampart Range towers over the remote, caribou-inhabited backcountry of the Tonquin Valley during this early September sunset. The rich oranges are dispersed nicely throughout the image by the water in the foreground, helping to balance the photograph.

Upper Geyser Basin

This is another example of Alex’s fantastic ability to see potential for a very different and interesting image. The incredible color and form you see here is all created by geothermic activity and thermophilic bacteria cultures. This was taken in Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin, just a short walk from Old Faithful.

Zebra Slot

Our final image from Alex is of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, USA. Titled “Zebra Slot”, the colourful and abstract stripes in the canyon. Reflected sunlight casts bold colours into the scene, lighting up what would normally be dark and shaded.


You can view more of Alex’s work at www.alexmody.com .


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