New LEE Filters Solar Eclipse Filter Launched

LEE Filters, manufacturer of high quality resin filters, has introduced its new solar eclipse filter to the market. Social media is full of photos of photographers aiming their cameras at the sun, but without the right filter in place you could damage not only your eyes, but also your camera’s sensor.

If you want to capture the phases of a solar eclipse, then this filter is for you. Using a deep blue colouration, it cuts twenty stops of light and removes damaging infrared waves. You should expect to perform some colour correction in post-production because of this.

It is recommended by LEE Filters that you bracket around an exposure of f/8 and 1/800th second at an ISO of 800 for eclipse images. The filter is designed for partial eclipses, so should be removes when there is a total eclipse. The filter is available for all three of LEE’s filter systems.

Available at WEX Photographic for 100mm systems for £99.00.


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