Nat Geo’s Paul Nicklen is Looking for an Assistant

World-renowned wildlife photographer and National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen is looking for a full-time assistant. In what is no doubt a dream job for many up-and-coming wildlife photographers, this opportunity is not one that you’ll see often at all.

“I am looking for a new personal assistant,” writes Nicklen on his Facebook Page. “I need a ton of help.”

Should you get the job, you’ll be expected to relocate to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. But to be that person, you’ll need to following (quoted) skillset:

  • They must be an excellent writer.
  • Excellent at writing professional emails for example.
  • Excellent at proofreading social media captions.
  • It will help if you are a naturalist.
  • Must excellent at Lightroom.
  • Excellent at file management and hyper organized.
  • Excellent at Macs and computers in general.
  • Excellent at understanding the ins and out of social media.
  • Must be willing to work very flexible hours and the odd weekend.
  • They must be willing to travel at a moments notice.
  • This job will likely take over your life for a year or two as we continue to rapidly grow.
  • This person must be fit in order to move heavy loads of camera gear.
  • They must love working with a team.
  • They must be self motivated as I am rarely in the office.
  • They must understand camera equipment, file management, and editing.
  • They have to work with my fine art team.

Phew… does that sound like you? Then get in touch with Paul on his Facebook Page.

But hold up. Nicklen includes one important caveat that any prospective assistant should pay attention to.

“[You] must love and appreciate photography, but the goal by working with me is not to be mentored to become a better photographer,” warns Nicklen. “That will happen organically, but it is not our goal at this time. I just need a ton of help.”

Nicklen is looking for someone with at least 10 years of experience, too. Although he does describe the income as being “substantial” relative to the Canadian economy.

“You will learn a ton by virtue of being on the front lines everyday.”

Enquire with Paul Nicklen via his page if you think you have what it takes.


Lead photo by Steve Jurvetson and used under CC BY 2.0 license.


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