MIOPS Mobile: New Kickstarter Campaign for ‘World’s Most Versatile Camera Remote’

Miami, FL – September 13, 2016 – Today, MIOPS, producer of creative photography equipment, announced the launch of its latest Kickstarter campaign to support its new MIOPS MOBILE, a versatile smartphone-based wireless camera remote. MIOPS MOBILE allows DSLR or mirrorless camera owners looking to harness the power of their smartphone to create infinitely creative photos. MIOPS MOBILE utilizes the smartphone’s built-in capabilities to remotely fire the camera with various creative modes like Vibration, Sound, Motion, Distance as well as advanced Timelapse modes, all from an easy-to-use smartphone app. Following the success of its MIOPS Smart Trigger, the company is returning to Kickstarter to help bring the most versatile wireless camera remote to life. For more information, please visit the campaign.

“We are delighted to return to the Kickstarter community with our versatile camera remote, MIOPS MOBILE,” said Emir Bayraktar, CEO of MIOPS. “With MIOPS MOBILE, we’ve combined the power of smartphones with the imaging capabilities of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. We’re confident that MIOPS MOBILE will allow photographers to create some of the most imaginative images they can dream up.”


For photographers looking to push the envelope of creativity, MIOPS MOBILE is one of the most impactful camera accessories available. MIOPS MOBILE connects to the camera’s shutter release port to provide a wireless Bluetooth connection to the app-based controls, and those creative controls are nearly endless. MIOPS MOBILE utilizes the smartphone’s built-in sensors to offer standalone creative remote modes which can be stacked into unlimited combinations based on the photographer’s unique creative vision. Available modes include:

  •   SCENARIO Mode: Combine any of the standalone modes into a unique scenario complete with trigger delays or scheduling for truly unlimited creative control.
  •   MOTION Mode: Capture a belly-flopping pool jump by firing the shutter whenever the smartphone camera spots motion in the frame.
  •   VIBRATION Mode: Strap the smartphone to a basketball pole to shoot selfies by firing the shutter off the slightest vibration of the device.
  •   SOUND Mode: Capture a primal scream when the smartphone’s microphone picks the subject’s voice.
  •   ROADLAPSE Mode: Harness streaming GPS data to fire off a frame over predetermined distances of an upcoming road trip.
  •   TIMELAPSE Modes: Creatively harness the frantic pace of life with the timelapse simplified controls, including Long Exposure Timelapse for nighttime star trails of up to 99 minutes and Bulb Ramping Timelapse for the evolving exposure demands of day-to-night transitions.
  •   HDR TIMELAPSE Mode: When shadow and highlight detail are imperative, the HDR Timelapse will make easy work of an exceedingly complex process.
  •  HDR Mode: Streamline the bracketing of exposures for post production merging with the easy- to-use touch screen app.
  •  SHUTTER CONTROL Modes: No remote is complete without tried-and-true trigger release functionality including Cable Release, Press&Hold, Press&Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer and Timed Release with Self Timer.


Compatibility and Specs

MIOPS MOBILE is compatible with most major camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus, Hasselblad and Fujifilm, but photographers can consult MIOPS’ compatibility chart to confirm whether their camera is among the 350 supported models.

The MIOPS MOBILE app will be available for both iOS and Android devices, and each device will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 technology for low power consumption that ensures the MIOPS MOBILE’s rechargeable battery can last for more than 24 hours. The app and firmware, which automatically upgrades wirelessly, will be completely free forever.

Measuring just 63x39x14 mm, the MIOPS MOBILE is slim enough to tuck in a pocket and sleekly designed to feature a single power button on the side with conveniently located camera and USB charging connections.

View the Kickstarter campaign at this link.


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