Lightroom Updates Include Multi-Batch Export and Panorama Edge Fill

Adobe’s cloud-based editing app Lightroom is often the first port of call for photographers looking to edit their images. Adobe has recently released a number of key updates for all versions of Lightroom (CC, Classic, and Mobile), announced at their Adobe MAX creativity conference yesterday. We’re taking a quick look at some of the more exciting ones below.

Panorama Fill Edges

Perhaps the most interesting addition to Lightroom is the Panorama Fill Edges feature. It’s a Content Aware technology that does exactly what it says on the tin. Often, when stitching a panorama, you can be left with uneven edges, but this feature eliminates that issue forever by attempting to fill in the gaps. You no longer need to crop them out, and get a larger final image as you no longer have to sacrifice parts of the shot to remove the white border.

 The option is now available as a checkbox in the Panorama Merge menu, where features such as Boundary Warp and Auto Crop live.

Multi-Batch Export

This feature is only available to Lightroom Classic users – and is plenty useful for photographers that export by the truckload.

What it means specifically is that users can export the same batch of images multiple times with different settings. For example, if you want to do a batch for web, the settings will vary significantly from if you wanted to do one for print. Thanks to this feature you can now export for both at the same time.

To do so, select a series of photos and go to File > Export, then check the various export presets that you require. You can export multiple export presets to make things as fluid as possible.

Interactive Tutorials

For those just starting out with photo-editing, Adobe has released a number of in-app tutorials to help guide you through the process.

Guided tutorials and interactive editing are on offer, and can be found by tapping on the home icon on the left side of the Lightroom Interface. Adobe promises to be updating this area with “interesting content” on a daily basis.

Other Features

Some other features include Batch Editing for Lightroom Mobile for iOS, as well as an “Advanced Export” for Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom CC. Additionally, a new tool for helping users migrate to Lightroom CC from Photoshop Elements has been included, as well as the power to export presets and preset groups in Lightroom Classic.

For more, check out the Adobe blog, or fire up Lightroom to check them out yourself!

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