LEE100 Filter System Adaptor and Hood Released

After launching the LEE100 Filter Holder earlier this year, LEE Filters has announced the addition of two new products to increase and enhance the system’s creative possibilities: the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor, and the LEE100 Hood.

LEE100 Tandem Adaptor

If you’re ever placed in the situation where one filter holder is insufficient in achieving that perfect landscape, then the new LEE100 Tandem Adaptor is designed specifically to overcome this photographic hurdle.

Constructed with a unique, patented design from high-quality aluminium, the Tandem Adaptor allows photographers to use more than one ND grad filter. Each filter can be rotated independently of one another and be set at different angles.

This allows for greater adaptation to your photographic scenario – invaluable in difficult lighting situations or when tackling complex compositions.

The Tandem Adaptor is easily fitted to the LEE100 system, sliding efficiently into the first holder’s outermost slot, before the second holder is then attached to the adaptor.

The first LEE100 holder has up to 3 filter slots (one taken by the Tandem), and the second holder can also hold three more. Each holder can then be rotated and locked into place, avoiding any unwanted movement when shooting.

Priced at £44.50, the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor is available to purchase from 5th of August.

LEE100 Hood

Also available is the LEE100 Hood, designed to shade the camera’s lens whilst using the LEE100 Filter system. Built with a water-resistant, reinforced nylon material, the hood collapses in a concertina design and is totally self-supporting, so you don’t have to trouble with any guides or locks.

The LEE100 Hood is designed to shade the camera lens, reducing the risk of stray light and flares from affecting images. Up to three slot-in filters plus a LEE Filters polariser can be used with the hood, meaning creativity is unrestricted when in use.

Independent rotation is possible with the LEE100 Hood; photographers can use ND grads as normal, whilst still deflecting difficult unwanted stray light from the lens. At full length, it can be used with lenses of around 28mm and a two-slot filter guide without vignetting. Reduced to half extension, lenses as wide as 20mm can be used without risk of vignetting.

Priced at £208, the LEE100 Hood is available to purchase from the 19th of August.

For more, visit LEE’s website.

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