LEE Filters Reveals LEE85 Filter System for Smaller Cameras

LEE Filters has announced its brand new LEE85 filter system. This is a new tool for APS-C mirrorless cameras that will transform opportunistic nature photography.

This versatile new filter system, said to be released at the end of spring 2020, looks to open up new creative possibilities for photographers with smaller-bodied cameras. This portable and travel-friendly system looks to give photographers the option to travel lighter, without compromising on filter quality or features.

The LEE85 filter system is similar to the LEE100 system, which launched in 2019, allowing for up to three filters to be layered at once. It also has a lock dial feature, giving control over orientation adjustments on the adaptor ring. It will provide photographers with full control over the position of their filters, and also allow for a rapid-fitting clip-on polariser to be added.

Available in a range of four kits (the Discover, Develop, Aspire, and Deluxe), the LEE85 Filter system comes in a small, handy pouch, which fits a LEE85 Filter Holder, Polariser and filters.

Also included with each kit are three adaptor rings in 72mm, 67mm, and 58mm thread sizes – and of course a multipurpose strap that can adjusted for over-the-shoulder, belt-loop, or tripod configuration.  

An interesting new development of the LEE85 Filter system are the tabs on top of filters. These mean that any filter can be instantly identified when searching in the pouch. This is a great new addition that also stops the need to touch the surface of the filters directly, preventing any fingerprints when quickly securing the filters on camera in those moments when you want to quickly capture a shot.

According to the LEE Filters website, the LEE85 system “offers complete creative freedom with a wide range of filters including Neutral Density, Grads, Long Exposure Stoppers and a clip-on polariser.”

Although there is no official release date just yet, or a price tag, be sure to check out the LEE85 Filter System website.


Currently studying BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography, Bethany is a nature photographer, specialising in all things British wildlife. When not writing articles, she can be found out in the South West countryside, photographing local natural spectacles from marine life, urban wildlife, and most recently starling murmurations.

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