Introducing the New GoPro Drone: Karma

When GoPro first announced that they were bringing out a drone, people were excited. This excitement died down as DJI brought out more and more models, with GoPro yet to take their’s to market. What could they really do different? Well today GoPro’s Karma was revealed… and it really does seem like they have knocked DJI off the top spot. The new GoPro Karma is not just a drone, but an entire ‘life-capture system’.

go pro karma

The drone itself is incredibly compact and flat, meaning carrying the drone with you isn’t a burden. The gimbal system rides up front, bringing the propellors out of the field of view. You can even take the gimbal out of the drone and pop it into a new GoPro handle, to allow you to take smooth footage on foot.

You can even share the footage from the drone to another user, meaning you can dual-control the drone together. One can focus on flying, and the other on capturing the shot – just like professional media drones do. This is a BIG bonus and will change the quality of final footage forever.

It comes with all the usual fly-to-home features, and a number of AI capture options – although full details on these are not too obvious as of yet. The drone will work with the new Hero 5 Black and Session cameras, as well as the Hero 4 and Hero 3.

The price? $800 (£719.99 for the UK). That’ll get you the drone, controller, and backpack. Not bad. It’ll start shipping on October 23rd 2016, meaning there really isn’t that long to wait. It promises big things, and whether or not this is a reality remains to be seen. But knowing GoPro’s reputation, we’re super excited to try this out one day. You can get notifications when this is ready to order on the GoPro website.


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