How to Undo Accidental Black & White Photo Conversions in Lightroom

Lightroom is full of great keyboard shortcuts, making it a quick and easy photo-editing platform. But there’s one key that I find myself being tripped up by constantly, and I am positive that I’m not the only one who has fallen foul to this! Sometimes you will hit a key that accidentally turns your photos black and white, and it can seem impossible to undo that mistake.

Depending on where you made the accidental conversion initially, even a good old “Edit > Undo” selection won’t remove the black and white change. So how can you fix this?

How to remove a black and white change in Lightroom

From any point in Lightroom, if you have a photo open or selected you can toggle this effect. It’s a very quick way to decide if your photo should be monochrome or colour, but the key in question is very close to the spacebar – a popular keyboard shortcut – that can mean it is accidentally pressed.

The key you need to worry about? The letter “V”. Yep – it’s as simple as that.

Select your photo and tap V and you’ll find it springs back to life, full of colour. Easy!

black and white Lightroom conversion fix

Black and white photography tutorials

Whilst you’re here, why not have a read of some of our great black and white tutorials? Exploring the monochrome side of photography is something not everyone does, but you could be missing out on some fantastic images. Not all images are made to be in colour, after all.

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