Godox Announces MF12 Modular Macro Flash System

Popular photography lighting manufacturer Godox has announced the MF12 Macro Flash modular lighting system. Sold individually, the strobes can be linked together to create a 6 light macro flash rig capable of completely illuminating subjects from all angles. 

The MF12 strobes are designed specifically for use with macro subjects, with each compact strobe being able to work both on and off camera.

This allows for more complex lighting set-ups, such as front lighting placed all the way around a lens, and moving flashes away from the camera and using them as a backlight on subjects. 

Each of the strobes is powered by an inbuilt rechargeable Li-Ion battery. This battery “supports maximum 500 full-power flashes”, says Godox. 

The MF12 has a relatively short recycle time of just 0.01 seconds when the strobe is being used at low power, and 1.7 seconds when being used in full power mode.

This “guarantees a long-time creation without interruption”, claims Godox. 

As each strobe is sold individually and designed to be wireless, they are controlled by the Godox Wireless Transmitter. 

Like the rest of this modular setup, (secondary strobes, mounting ring and adapter rings), this is sold separately.

The specially designed flash mounting ring can be adapted to fit onto most common lens thread mounts. The strobes can be placed anywhere on the ring for side lighting, classic key and fill lighting, or full front lighting, leaving no room for shadows at all.

“Working as a multiple-flash solution when attached to the mounting ring, the MF12 expands its usage profoundly over the single unit”, says Godox.

As the units are sold individually, photographers can buy as many or few as they need for their own setup and requirements.

Each strobe costs £119.00 UK / $110.00 US, and they are available now for pre-order. Godox says shipping of the MF12 will commence in October 2021.

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