Go Wild with These Incredible LIVE Cameras

wildlife watching webcams live

Stuck indoors? If you haven’t managed to get outside in a while, then it can make you feel pretty low. Personally, I need to get out and watch wildlife otherwise I feel like I’m beginning to go crazy! Even so, we can’t always make time for this due to other commitments – and going abroad to see particular spectacles can be a total no-go.

wildlife watching webcams live

But do not fear! Explore.org is here to save the day. Explore are a media organisation, working to create an archive that can be enjoyed by people around the world. The aim is to bring together nature lovers and allow them to share in a community and enjoy photos and film.

However, our favourite offering from Explore is the wealth of live webcams you can watch from around the world. They stream some of the best wildlife spectacles on the planet for you to enjoy. Sure, it doesn’t beat seeing it in person – but it’s better than sitting in the office staring at a spreadsheet!

So take a moment to enjoy nature at its best. Keep in mind that these webcams are live, so there won’t always be ‘action’ on screen – keep checking back until you spot something truly special. Some webcams are offline overnight, so will show highlights instead.

Brown Bears Fishing for Salmon in Alaska

Watch huge brown bears sitting and waiting for sockeye salmon to make the leap up Brooks Falls in Alaska.

African Wildlife Lookout Point

Plenty of elephant sightings with this great camera. Keep your eyes glued to the screen!

Hummingbird Nest

Enjoy the little things in life and watch a hummingbird raise her chicks in California.


Take a peak at the landing zone of a beehive.

African Watering Hole

Sit and wait on your own private safari and see what you can spot at this African watering hole.

Bison Watering Hole

Head over to Canada and watch bison moving across the plains.

Osprey Nest

Take this opportunity to watch parent ospreys fly into the nest to bring fish to their young.

Enjoyed These Webcams?

Don’t forget to share this page on social media to spread these natural wonders! More live webcams are available from Explore.org.


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