DJI Drone Flown to 11,000 Feet

drone 11000 feet

Dubbed an ‘idiot’ by media outlets, one drone operator has taken his DJI Phantom 2 to new heights – precisely 11,000 feet.

Despite strict laws in both the USA and the UK (where you can fly at a maximum altitude of 400 feet), one user has taken his drone higher than even the product manual says is possible.

It is no surprise that the pilot has decided to remain anonymous, as stunts like this can land you in a lot of trouble with the law. There’s not only a high risk of losing your drone, but also potentially someone’s life should the drone come tumbling down out of the sky. It is reported that this particular drone landed with only 4% battery remaining after achieve the 11,000 ft altitude.

The ‘idiot’ in control of this DJI Phantom 2 was said to be attempting to break a world record, although the likelihood of any official recognition coming from this is close to nil.

With that said, it’s incredibly beautiful up there, with the drone looking down from above clouds.


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