Canon Unveils New Macro Twin-Flash and Tilt-Shift Lenses

Today Canon has rolled out several product announcements guaranteed to get the gear-radars glowing for fans and photographers beyond. Introducing their first-ever macro tilt-shift lenses, Canon revealed not one but three, designed to appeal to both amateur and professional photographers alike: the TS-E 50mm F2.8L Macro, TS-E 90mm F2.8L Macro and 135mm F4L Macro. In addition to this, Canon have launched a new Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash, expanding their celebrated lighting lineup to new realms.

“Creating a powerful, timeless image requires more than just a camera. It requires high-quality, well-crafted optics and flashes to capture compelling photography,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., “These new lenses along and the Macro Twin-Lite flash will continue to push the boundaries and expand the possibilities of what advanced amateur and professional photographers capture and share with the world.”

Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash

When shooting macro, twin-lite systems are ideal in achieving the perfect illumination on your subject. Affording precise control over each light individually, these systems are indispensable to any macro-lovers kit. Canon’s newest offering – the Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash – seeks to improve on previous iterations whilst offering the same level of previous usability and function.



  • Detachable twin lights with rotation up to 60 degrees.
  • High-brightness white LEDs for easy focusing in low light.
  • Maximum guide number (flash output) of 26m at ISO 100, improving on the previous MT-24 EX at 22m.
  • Adjustable flash power down to 1/512.
  • Recycle times ranging from 3.3s in “quick” mode to 5s for full recharge.
  • Radio-based wireless control system as well as wired optical system.
  • Increased brightness for focusing lamp on previous iterations.
  • Reduced noise from charging of the lights than the MT-24 EX.
  • Creative lighting and custom functions.
  • Flash features including Flash Exposure Compensation and Flash Exposure Bracketing.


The Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash is expected to retail in November 2017 at £1,079.99 and $989.99 respectively.

Tilt-Shift Lenses


Tilt-shift lenses are traditionally known for their application in architecture, defeating the difficulty of perspective distortion. However, Canon hope their new range will be perfect across all photographic disciplines, providing “enhanced creative control over perspective through the tilt function and depth-of-field through the shift function in their images”. With the TS-E 50mm F2.8L Macro, TS-E 90mm F2.8L Macro and 135mm F4L Macro, Canon looks likely to deliver on this.


  • Macro down to 1:2 ratio, with 1:1 via an optional ring for the TS-E 50mm F.28L.
  • Molded aspherical glass and UD lenses for edge-to-edge resolution, pin-sharp quality and minimum distortion.
  • SubWaveLength Structure Coating (SWC) in the TS-E 50mm F.28L and 135mm F4L to reduce flare and ghosting.
  • Air-Sphere Coating (ASC) for the TS-E 50mm F2.8L and TS-E 90mm F2.8L for improved anti-reflective performance and high durability.
  • 0.5x maximum magnification.
  • Improved function from previous tilt-shift lenses, including larger tilt, shift-and-lock knobs and lock release button.
  • New tilt-locking mechanism to prevent unintentional tilting when shooting.
  • Rotating function to adapt to a variety of shooting conditions.
  • 77mm filter thread for TS-E 50mm F2.8L and TS-E 90mm F2.8L, 82mm thread for 135mm F4L.

In this short video titled ‘TS-E x SUSHI’ from Canon, they depict the creative options made possible by these new lenses:

The TS-E 50mm F2.8L Macro, TS-E 90mm F2.8L Macro and 135mm F4L Macro are expected to retail in November 2017 for £2499.99 and $2199 respectively.

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