The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 Winners

For such a small slice of the world map, Great Britain has a bounty of beautiful and diverse wildlife across its land, shores, and waters. Returning once again this year, the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 showcases what truly makes the country so great. From badgers in a sunlit field, to the tips of damselfly wings, this year’s winners celebrate the best of British nature.

This year’s top spot went to photographer Daniel Trim, for his image titled “Heathrow Roostings”, of a lonely pied wagtail silhouetted black by a glowing street light. Framed by delicate bokeh, the image shines the spotlight on a single individual out of thousands roosting near Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.

“There are many urban pied wagtail roosts across the UK during winter and they are incredibly important for the birds survival during these harder times,” said Trim, “both for the additional warmth our buildings generate but also because there’s safety in numbers.

“After about 30 minutes I hadn’t seen a single wagtail, however, it wasn’t long until hundreds were dropping in to the trees next to the terminal building, all calling away.”

There are fourteen categories overall, with first place cinching £5,000. Categories include Animal Behaviour, Wild Woods, Hidden Britain, Botanical Britain, 12-18 Years, Under 12 Years, and more.

An exhibition tour will take place, with over 100 images including winning and commended entries. Opening at the Mall Galleries London on Tuesday 7th to Sunday 12th November, the exhibition will then hit the road and travel the length and breadth of the UK.

Alongside the competition, BWPA are releasing a coffee table book – ‘British Wildlife Photography Awards 8’, each page packed with stunning captures from this year’s best amateur and professional photographers.

“This latest collection of stunning photographs from the British Wildlife Photography Awards is a fabulous celebration of the wealth of biodiversity our small and densely populated island still possesses,” said Tanya Steele, Chief Executive of WWF-UK.

For more information visit the competition’s website, and make sure to check out the winning images below!

Overall Winner and Urban Wildlife

‘Heathrow Roostings (Pied Wagtail)’ © Daniel Trim

Animal Behaviour

‘Crepuscular Contentment (Eurasian Badger)’ © Andrew Parkinson

Animal Portraits

‘Natural Beauty (Atlantic gannet)’ © Melvin Redeker

Wild Woods

‘A Magical Morning (Silver birch)’ © Francis Taylor


‘Wren on Frost-Encrusted Fern’ © Ben Hall

Hidden Britain

‘Green Hydras’ © Alex Hyde

Close to Nature

‘Wing Tips (Emerald damselflies)’ © Ross Hoddinott

Coast and Marine

‘Emergence (Northern gannet)’ © Caron Steele

Black and White

‘Web of Life (Brown-lipped snail)’ © Paula Cooper

Botanical Britain

‘Common Reeds’ © Steve Palmer

Documentary Series

‘Translocation of Red Squirrels’ © Peter Cairns

British Seasons

‘Great Cormorants’ © Ben Andrew

12-18 Years

‘The Golden Hour Hunt (Short-eared owl) © Matthew Roseveare, Age 18

Under 12 Years

‘Puffin in a Hole (Atlantic Puffin)’ © Oliver Teasdale, Age 10

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Ed Carr is a Yorkshire-born landscape photographer and nature writer. Having spent his youth in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, he takes any opportunity to don his hiking boots and head out, camera in hand. When not out taking pictures or hastily scribbling down his thoughts, Ed’s halfway up a hill out chasing after his dog, Hendrix.

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