The Best Photos of Comet Neowise by Nature TTL Readers

Comet Neowise has spent July cruising past the earth at a comfortable 144,000 mph. Officially known as C/2020 F3, the comet has recruited a new generation of stargazers, and seen many amateur and professional photographers reaching for their tripods.

It won’t be seen again for another 6,800 years. So, to celebrate this once in a lifetime event, we’ve collected together some of the best photos of Neowise taken by the Nature TTL community.

Check out these fantastic astrophotos from our talented audience! And remember, if you want to learn more about astrophotography, make sure you download our eBook The Ultimate Guide to Astrophotography.

Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK

Neowise at Trevose head Cornwall
Photo by Lee Humphreys

How it was taken:

“10 shots for the sky stacked (to reduce noise) and a single image for the foreground blended in Photoshop.”

Meteora, Greece

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❝︎Comet NEOWISE above Meteora, Greece № 2❞︎ C/2020 F3 or “Comet NEOWISE” is viewed above the geologically unique Meteora, Greece in the evening, one and a half hours after sunset. The comet was shot on July 16, 2020 at 22:32’ (local time), when it was viewed at an altitude of 10° 04’ above horizon and an azimuth of 326° 17’. The comet’s visual magnitude was 2.86, its distance from Earth was 0.75 AU, whereas its distance from the Sun was 0.49 AU. The impressive and lofty rock formations captured are collectively called Meteora: The sandstone megaliths’ height varies 1,000-2,067 ft (300-630 m). The rock masses were formed 60 million years ago, are geologically unique and listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. This photograph was made by stacking 25 light frames by Starry Landscape Stacker (version 1.8.0; algorithm: Mean Min Hor Noise). All 25 shots were captured by using the very same camera settings: Canon EOS M50 EF100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS II USM @ 100mm ( 35mm-efl: 160mm ) ISO 3200, F/4.5, 3.2 sec Coordinates of camera position: 39° 40' 14.082" N 21° 39' 41.694" E #comet #NEOWISE #C2020_F3 #astrophysics #space #astrophotography #astronomy #photography #Papachristos #Canon #Meteora #Greece #UNESCO #rockformations #Kalampaka #foregroundinterest #evening #geology #sky #stacking #starrylandscapestacker #nature #celestial #object #beauty #national #geographic #NatGeoYourShot #NatureTTL #ig_meteora

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Winter Hill, Lancashire, UK

Comet Neowise in Lancashire
Photo by Jonathan Ellison

How it was taken:

Single 3-second exposure. f/2.8, ISO 400 @ 105mm.

Chapman’s Pool, Dorset, UK

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Neowise Friday night seems to have been a popular night for us photographers. From what I've seen, there were a lot of Dorset's beauty spots plagued with photographers! ? Chapman's Pool wasn't in my plans, however, after plan A and plan B didn't go well we headed here. What a good idea it was! Not a soul around. @jamiegreavesphotography and I had the place all to ourselves ? after a few shots it was time to go milky way hunting and headed to the next location. That'll be my next post, so stay tuned ? The image consists of 9 vertical shots to create a panoramic view – taken with the Laowa 15mm f/2 #neowise #comet #meteor #astro #dorset #dorsetcoast #jurassiccoast #laowa #sony #landscape #nightshooters #neowise2020 #lovefordorset #instagood #kaiexposeyourself #yourastronomy #astrophotography #astronomy #astroworld

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Cloyne, Co Cork, Ireland

Comet Neowise in Ireland
Photo by Jim O’Neil

How it was taken:

“9 image panorama. Each image was 8 seconds long at ISO 1600 f4 using a 110mm focal length.”

Comet Neowise in Ireland
Photo by Jim O’Neil

How it was taken:

“One shot at 42mm focal length, ISO 1600, f2.8, 8secs, at Castle Hill”

Anaga Massif, Spain

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?? I would like to show you a photograph of comet C/2020 F (NEOWISE), taken in the Anaga Massif one week ago. You can see the light of the villages, the sea of clouds and the comet near the horizon on the left. A small visitor from the confines of the solar system that breaks the stillness of the skies. In the background on the right you can see Chinobre and Anambro. About the photo: Basic settings in Camera Raw. —– ?? Me gustaría mostrarles una fotografía del famoso cometa que nos visita estos días,  C/ 2020 F3(NEOWISE). La imagen fue realizada en el Macizo de Anaga hace una semana. Se pueden contemplar las luces de varios caseríos bajo el mar de nubes y al fondo a la derecha dos de los roques más emblemáticos de Anaga, el Chinobre y el Anambro. El cometa vislumbra en el crepúsculo, cerca del horizonte en el margen izquierdo. Un pequeño visitante de los confines del sistema solar que rompe la quietud de los cielos. Sobre la imagen, se trata de un único disparo, revelado en Camera Raw. —– #comet #tenerife #ig_tenerife #nature #landscape #landscapephotograpy #ig_canaryislands #ok_canarias #CanariasViva #ig_canarias_landscape #paisajesdecanarias #ig_canarias #naturaleza_canarias #NatureTTL #loves_canarias #loves_tenerife #canariashoy #tenerifetag #canarias_esmas #naturephotoportal #naturephotography #natgeofineart #natgeoyourshot @natgeoesp #natgeoesp #tufotonatgeo #naturephotography #intmatelandscapes #truenaturephotography #conservation @canonespana #canonespaña #gabrielfunes @gabriel_funes_photos

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North of Dallas, Texas, USA

Comet Neowise in Texas
Photo by Shiva Shenoy

How it was taken: 

“Single shot, 24mm, f4, ISO 1600, 5sec”

Knepp Castle, Sussex, UK

Cregennan Mountains, Snowdonia

Comet Neowise Panorama
Photo by Daniel Meredith

Glastonbury Tor, UK

Comet Neowise
Photo by Daniel Meredith

Stonehenge, UK

Comet Neowise over Stone Henge
Photo by Daniel Meredith

Dartmoor National Park, UK

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Getting out to see NEOWISE drift on by this July was pretty spectacular. We only got a short peep between the clouds but catching a glimpse of something that only comes our way every 6000ish years was a reminder to take in the good moments whilst you can, especially after 2020 has been less than ideal for a lot of people. There are many photos far more close up than this one that show you to beautiful details of the comet, make sure you take a look. It was only discovered in March 2020, almost by accident, but I wonder what the next round of photos will look like from earth in 8020. Im about to head off for an 11 week shoot so I made sure I took time out to see friend's before leaving. I'd encourage you all to make time for the people around you, they might need it more than you realise. Shout out to everyone who has helped me stay sane this year after the industry I work in (TV) took a complete nosedive just like all the others. This was taken on #dartmoornationalpark Jon Scott. He dosnt have Instagram (very sensible) – but makes amazing films on YouTube – Jonathan J Scott Films. . . . . . #neowise #neowisecomet #dartmoor #dartmoornationalpark #astrophotography #adventuretime #naturalbeauty #theskyatnight #landscapephotography #astronomy #nightphotograpy #universehasyourback #universetoday #skywatcher #nightshooters #space #longexposurephotography #longexposure #astrophotografia #cosmos #neverstopexploring #outdoorslifestyle #deepsky #newdawn #canonshooter #ukpotd #uklandscape #naturettl

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Montserrat, West Indies

Comet Neowise over the west indies
Photo by Adam Stinton

How it was taken:

“Comet Neowise over the twin island state of St Kitts and Nevis (centre) and the uninhabited island of Redonda (right). Photographed on 18 July 2020, from Montserrat, West Indies. D750 | 50 mm f/1.4 | 10 sec at f/1.4, ISO1600. Single image”.

Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area, Maine, USA

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Colors of NEOWISE / Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area. Ever since seeing images of Comet Lovejoy back in 2011, I'd been dreaming about being able to photograph a comet someday. I got some images of Comet 46P/Wirtanen in 2018, and took some pretty terrible photos of Comet PANSTAARS way back in 2013, but neither of them were the spectacular comets with huge tails that I had been hoping for. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when Comet NEOWISE showed up and survived its brush with the sun and became a pretty amazing comet. While I definitely wish that it would stick around longer so I can get more images with it, I'm pretty happy with the images that I've been able to get. For this image, rather than bringing the white balance down to give the comet more of a white look, I left the white balance closer to daylight to retain the natural golden hues of the dust tail. The blue of the gas tail came out nicely, and I even got a hint of green from the coma. I definitely can't wait until the next one, and hopefully it's not too far away. . . Nerd specs: Nikon D500 / Sigma 150-600 C iOptron SkyTracker 41 images stacked in Starry Sky Stacker and edited in Photoshop ISO 10,000 / 15s (my tracker wasn't in the best of moods) / f/6.3 / 165mm . . #cometneowise #neowise #comet #astronomyphotography #nightsky #astro_photography_ #nightphotography_exclusive #nightscaper #maine_igers #exploremaine #conservemaine #maineisgorgeous #mainesucks #visitmaine @visitmaine #onlyin207 #fortheloveofmaine #naturettl #mainetheway #bestofthepinetreestate #debsconeaglakeswildernessarea #katahdin #yourshotphotographer #nikonnofilter #wilderness #universetoday

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