8 Best Nature Photography Podcasts

Whether you are on a lonely drive for a remote photo shoot, commuting to and from work, or want a purposeful way to fill time, podcasts are the perfect portable companion. In this sometimes lonely year we have had, thanks to lockdowns and travel restrictions across the world, podcasts have become one of my favourite things to listen to.

They are easily accessible and a welcome addition to cosy winter ‘stay at home’ evenings. Many of them include epic stories and are the perfect escape. They also offer an array of valuable information for free, making them an excellent tool for learning and helping you to improve your nature photography.

I was surprised at how many wonderful nature photography podcasts are out there, and am delighted to share them with you in this podcast round-up.

I’ve included my favourites, episode recommendations, and a few other notable mentions at the end if you want to indulge in even more podcast goodness!

So, in no particular order…

1. Matthew Maran Podcast

I first discovered Matthew’s podcast when I was invited to be a guest back in 2018. Since then, he has interviewed an amazing collection of people. The thing I love about his podcast is that it gives you an insight into the lives of a wide range of creative professionals, from photographers and presenters to designers, editors, and conservationists.

The interviews vary in length, sometimes spanning over two episodes, which means you gain a deeper insight into the work of the interviewees. Something I admire about this podcast is that it gives emerging talent a platform alongside established professionals.

You can discover the episodes from a well-designed page on Matthew’s website, where he also includes useful links to learn more about his speakers’ work.

Matthew Maran podcast

Recommended listening:

  • Talking with Britta Jaschinski: Photojournalist Britta Jaschinski talks candidly about her mission to end the wildlife trade and how collaborating can be a force for the greater good.
  • Talking with Jo-Anne McArthur: Spanning across two captivating episodes, this conversation with photographer Jo-Anne McArthur provides a detailed insight into her career. She says in photography we often focus on the prize, but we mustn’t forget to value the journey.

2. The Bearded Tit’s podcast

This weekly podcast hosted by Jack Perks, a UK-based wildlife camera operator and fellow Marine and Natural History Photography graduate (Falmouth University, UK). It provides an inside view to the professional work of nature photographers and other conservation professionals. It has a laid-back and friendly style and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

On top of interviews he includes a Nature Reserve of the Week feature, where he suggests great places for wildlife photography in the United Kingdom and what species are there.

This is a wonderful addition to an already enjoyable series and very useful for listeners looking for inspiration for their next adventure. Jack also provides a platform for new talent.

The Bearded Tit's Podcast

Recommended listening:

  • Nina Constable – Being an all round filmmaker: Get ready to feel inspired. Nina Constable produces her wildlife films almost entirely herself as a one-woman production team and in this episode you will gain an insight into how she makes this work. As a young woman also working as a film producer it’s inspiring to listen to Nina, who is an amazing role model. 
  • David Lindo – Urban birding: In this episode Jack chats to David Lindo who’s known internationally for engaging the public with wildlife in cities. They discuss diversity in nature conservation, how we can make it more inclusive and the importance of valuing the wildlife on your doorstep.

3. The Sustainable Jungle Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Lyall and Joy, a professional couple hoping to contribute positive change in the world by sharing inspiring stories of incredible people working hard to solve the world’s trickiest environmental challenges.

This is a mission-driven podcast focused on actual solutions to the world’s problems that aims to uplift and inspire listeners. Tune-in to gain advice and wisdom from a diverse group of guests.

While this one is not solely focused on photography, it is a fantastic international podcast featuring guests from all over the world and in a variety of nature-related careers. The website is very user friendly and also home to a wonderful sustainability blog.

The Sustainable Jungle Podcast

Recommended listening:

4. Impact: the conservation photography podcast

Hosted by wildlife conservation photographer Jaymi Heimbuch, this podcast goes beyond the traditional interview format and focuses more on business and marketing specifically for conservation photographers and filmmakers.

Listening to Jaymi is like having your own mentor to support you in your business efforts. If you are moving towards a career in wildlife photography and want your images to generate positive impact for nature, this is a great place to learn. She also includes a digitally transcribed version of most episodes on her website, increasingly accessibility.

Learn how to make money from your photos: Breaking Into Business

IMPACT the Conservation Photography Podcast

Recommended listening:

5. The Togcast

Launched in 2016, ‘The Togcast’ is a bi-monthly podcast focused primarily on outdoor and landscape photography, but also venturing into a range of other genres such as documentary, travel and adventure.

It’s hosted by Sam Gregory and Paul Sanders: two UK-based photographers. They have produced over 75 episodes, including insightful interviews and useful advice.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, this is a wonderful podcast to listen to. It has a relaxed and informal style, and episodes are rich with valuable information from conversations with inspiring professionals.

The Togcast

Recommended listening:

  • Verity Milligan: I really enjoyed listening to Verity talk about adjusting to freelance after a structured role, setting goals and finding your own creative voice. She also discusses balancing personal projects with commercial work and breaking out of your comfort zone.
  • Ben Osborne: With a career spanning over 35 years, Ben has worked on projects for National Geographic and the BBC amongst many others. I enjoyed gaining a fascinating insight into his career journey.

6. The Wildlife Photography Podcast

Hosted by photographer Gerry van der Walt, the Wildlife Photography Podcast includes discussions, interviews, and Q&As about various aspects of wildlife photography.

There are over 300 episodes with varying lengths – some as short as 9 minutes and others over an hour. This podcast is particularly relevant for those interested in African wildlife and travel.

Gerry is very enthusiastic and passionate about wildlife, making his podcast an engaging one to listen to. If you are listening around kids, be aware that there is some fruitful language!

The Wildlife Photography Podcast

Recommended listening:

  • How to become a better wildlife photographer: I love Gerry’s no-nonsense approach as he gives the listener a 9-minute pep talk on the most important way to be a better wildlife photographer. It is a really fun one to listen to.
  • What’s happened to your photography?: Gerry chats about this year’s lockdowns and how they have affected his plans. He talks about how hitting the pause button with your photography might actually have some benefits.

7. Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast

Many nature photographers also have an interest in producing their own natural history films, and if you are transitioning from photography to wildlife filmmaking then this podcast – hosted by Jake Willers – is an excellent place to start.

He interviews wildlife film professionals to hear their career stories, share advice, and inspire listeners to achieve their own wildlife filmmaking goals.

Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast

Recommended listening:

8. Wild and exposed podcast

This podcast is hosted by an international collaborative of wildlife photographers and filmmakers who are thrilled to share outdoor adventures and tips of the trade.

Follow along as you are immersed in entertaining stories from the wilderness, career journeys, and beautiful locations.

I love the variety of content. Whether you are looking for a how-to, tips on social media, gear advice or informative guest interviews, it has it all!

Wild and Exposed Podcast

Recommended listening:

  • Cheryl Opperman: Cheryl talks about running a business, working with commercial clients and making a living from wildlife photography. A fascinating insight into building up a sustainable career while pursuing your passion.
  • The photo doc: This is a conversation with Dr Khurram Kahn, ‘a physician by trade and a wildlife photographer by heart’. He talks about balancing his passion, profession and family life. It is amazing to listen to him describe his favourite locations from Alaska to Africa.

Other notable mentions

  • Creative + Moneywise Podcast: This is a brand new podcast, there is only one episode launched at the time of writing, but it is well worth a listen if you are wanting to learn about the business side of photography. It is hosted by Laura Elizabeth Pohl.
  • UK Wildlife Podcast: This is a wonderful podcast all about British wildlife and hosted by two photographers, Victoria Hillman and Neil Philips.
  • Martin Bailey Photography Podcast: With over 700 episodes, you will discover something on almost every photography topic here. 
  • The Landscape Photography Podcast: The website is a little old-fashioned, but once you get past that you will discover 60 well-produced episodes covering all things associated with landscape photography.  It is hosted by Nick Page.
  • Wild Voices Podcast: This covers stories from the people saving nature, featuring filmmakers and photographers, but also conservationists and scientists. It is hosted by Matt Williams.
  • A Small Voice Podcast: This involves in-depth, high-quality interviews from both established and early career world-class photographers. Hosted by Ben Smith.

Do you have any favourite podcasts that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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