The Best Hashtags for Nature Photography on Instagram

best hashtags for nature photography on instagram

There is no doubt that the buzz around Instagram for photographers has been increasing in recent years, with a number of updates to the social media network making it much better for showing off images that are more substantial than a snapshot of a coffee cup or whatever you had for lunch. Getting discovered on Instagram, however, is challenging. There are so many photographers now trying to make their way on Instagram, that getting noticed and growing your account is a challenge. This is where hashtags come in. I’ve put together some of the best hashtags for nature photography on Instagram; you can use these to get your photos in front of those who don’t already follow you.

A hashtag is a way of grouping together photos from multiple users into one big collection. You are able to browse through the content within a hashtag, like you would somebody’s account, to discover new users and images. Anyone can hashtag an image with anything they want, but the most popular images will stay pinned to the top of hashtags for a while.

Some hashtags are assigned to “photo hubs.” These are accounts that will repost your photos, crediting you in the description, and are a great way to be discovered and gain new followers. By including these hashtags, you are giving the associated accounts permission to repost.

Photo hubs are not official Instagram pages, but many of them have hundreds of thousands of followers; sometimes even millions. Some photo hubs require you to follow them before they will repost your content, so it is worth following those you are tagging before doing so.

Be aware that there is a limit of 30 hashtags on Instagram, so be sure not to post too many!

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Hashtags for Wildlife Photography on Instagram

General hashtags:

  • #animalphotos
  • #animalphotography
  • #animalsofinstagram
  • #animalsultans
  • #birdsofinstagram
  • #birdphotography
  • #discovertheworld
  • #exclusive_animals
  • #explore_wildlife
  • #featured_wildlife
  • #ignature
  • #igscwildlife
  • #live_love_wildlife
  • #marvelshots
  • #marvelouz_animals
  • #naturephotography
  • #naturfotografie
  • #natureisbeautiful
  • #natureshooters
  • #nature_hub
  • #nature_perfection
  • #naturepic
  • #ourplanet
  • #wildlife_inspired
  • #wildlife_seekers
  • #wildlife_shots
  • #wildlifeperfection
  • #wildlifephotos
  • #wildlifephotography

Photo hubs:

Hashtags for Landscape Photography on Instagram

General hashtags:

  • #discover_earthpix
  • #landscapetreastures
  • #landscapeoftheday
  • #landscape_capture
  • #landscapephotos
  • #landscapes
  • #next_landscape
  • #splendidreflections

Photo hubs:

Hashtags for Long Exposure Photography on Instagram

General hashtags:

  • #longexpo
  • #longexposureoftheday
  • #longexposurephotographer
  • #longexposurephotography
  • #longexposures
  • #longexposureshots
  • #ndfilter
  • #lazyshutters
  • #longexposure_photos
  • #slowshutter

Photo hubs:

Hashtags for Astro Photography on Instagram

General hashtags:

  • #astrophoto
  • #astrophotography
  • #milkywaygalaxy
  • #milkywayphotography
  • #nightsky
  • #spacephotography
  • #starphotography
  • #starrynight
  • #starscape
  • #night_captures
  • #nightshooters
  • #nightscape
  • #nightscaper

Photo hubs:

Hashtags for Underwater Photography on Instagram

General Hashtags:

  • #uwphoto
  • #underwaterimages
  • #underwaterpics
  • #underwaterphotography
  • #scubadiving
  • #underthesea
  • #underwater_world
  • #underwaterlicious
  • #wetpixel
  • #underwatermacro

Hashtags for Macro Photography on Instagram

Photo hubs:

General Outdoor Photography Hashtags

These hashtags post a mix of wildlife, landscape, and general outdoor / travel photography.

Photo hubs:

Other Relevant Photography Hashtags

Photo hubs:

What are your favourites?

Have you got anymore Instagram hashtags that you love to use? Share them in the comments below! We’ll keep updating this list as we find more hashtags, so make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back.

Don’t forget, you can always tag your photos with #NatureTTL! We don’t share other photos at the moment, but we love to see them! This could change in the future, too.

Good luck!

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