Benro Unveils Electronic Tripod Head That Controls Your Camera

Benro have announced their latest tripod head: the Benro Polaris. It is an electronic tripod head that features motion control alongside a camera controller.

Launching soon on Kickstarter, the Benro Polaris is set to be one of the most feature-packed tripod heads on the market.

So far, Benro has only given a key features overview of the Polaris, but what they have shared sets this tripod head up to be an incredibly interesting one. We can’t wait to have the opportunity to get our hands on one to test the functionality.

The most striking and obvious feature of the Polaris is that camera movement can be controlled via a smartphone app using Wifi or Cellular data. This promises micro-precise camera motion control, whether that be for reframing the horizontal and vertical elements of composition or creating smooth camera movement for video users.

Not only does the Polaris WiFi/Cellular connectivity allow remote control of the camera movement, but also of the camera’s settings.

Benro claims that the “Polaris is so smart that it analyses your images and automatically dials in exposure values and sharpens details which saves you from the time-consuming hassle of image retouching like focus stacking and time-lapse.”

The built-in GPS and compass also allows the Polaris to “easily determine celestial paths and adjust the camera angles for you to capture your perfect starry sky shot or hone in on a breathtaking time-lapse of a stunning landscape during sunrise or sunset.”

For many, the thought might be that an electric tripod head won’t be suitable for the rugged conditions that outdoor photographers find themselves in. But Benro has described the Polaris as being “engineered to withstand the harsh elements outdoor shooting presents” thanks to the aluminium alloy it is built from.

A certified IPX6 waterproof level means the Polaris is completely dust resistant and has the ability to withstand high pressure and heavy sprays of water. 

Benro is offering early supporters a promotional price of $499, down from $839 – just sign up to the mailing list to be informed when the Kickstarter goes live. To be at the front of the queue for this revolutionary tripod head, see the Benro Polaris website.

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