Ambitious Startup Aims to Bring Virtual Reality to Wildlife Film

There’s an interesting new player in the wildlife filmmaking market: Biome Productions. It’s the newest virtual reality production house in the UK. Biome specialises on developing and integrating innovative VR filming techniques into wildlife filmmaking, thus creating a new field of VR entertainment: Natural History VR.

Virtual reality is a new medium of technology allowing an individual to engage with a three-dimensional landscape; using a high-tech headset the viewer is transported into a virtual 3D world. VR enables an audience to engage with an environment in the most immersive way possible. Through the creation of a unique sense of place, virtual reality is the platform that will facilitate the most visceral viewing experience imaginable which allows producers to tell the most memorable stories.

Founded and led by Anthony de Unger in Bristol, Biome is a young, passionate team who met while studying biological sciences at the University of Bristol. Biome aims to transport the viewer from their living room into the wild, creating an incomparable viewing experience like you’ve never experienced before.



Biome will work alongside other production houses, NGOs and international organisations to develop high quality additional content and stand alone films committed to telling compelling stories, groundbreaking science and current conservation issues.

On launching, de Unger said ‘VR has the potential to change the way in which we both view and engage with wildlife, by bringing the viewer closer to nature than ever before. VR creates a genuine emotional connection with the subject, which is so often absent in today’s distracted world. It’s this emotional connection that can inspire real change when dealing with the challenges our planet faces. I’m exceptionally excited to lead such an ambitious team focussed on driving and creating the future of Natural History VR.’

More information about Biome is available at www.biomeproductions.co.uk. Or, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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