Adobe’s UK Subscription Prices Skyrocket by Up to 60%

Those subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud program will have received a less than welcome email today. Due to ‘currency exchange rates’, Adobe is increasing its subscription fees in the UK and Sweden, much to the dismay of photographers.

With the announcement of Britain voting to leave the EU, the value of sterling has dropped from around $1.44 to $1.25 USD (that’s a drop of around 15%). It’s on the back of this that Adobe is now increasing its prices by up to 60%.

Adobe stated this morning that “Currency exchange rates have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. Like many US-based global companies, Adobe is making pricing adjustments in a number of countries to offset fluctuations in foreign exchange rate.

“Starting on March 6, 2017, the price of Adobe products in the United Kingdom and Sweden will be increased. Existing customers will receive information about their subscription pricing directly from Adobe.”

adobe price increase
The email the UK and Sweden’s photographers faced this morning.

What does this mean for you?

For individuals subscribed to the Photography Plan, they’ll see prices increase from £8.57 to £10.10 per month (an increase of 11%). The full Creative Cloud suite subscription is going up from £45.73 per month to £50.57 (also an 11% increase) on an annual subscription.

Perhaps this sounds reasonable, but what has really got people talking is the increase to student and education subscriptions.

Student subscriptions will go up by a huge 63%. Currently at £15.49 per month, students will now be paying £25.28 monthly for the Adobe suite (that’s going from £185.90 to £301.90 for the full year).

It’s no surprise that Adobe are quickly seeing backlash to this announcement. The subscription model received bad press from the first day it was enforced.

It’s a serious blow to photographers, especially those who are effectively ‘locked in’ to the Adobe brand by having invested so much time, training and archiving in their platforms.

The changes will come into effect on the 6th March 2017. If you’re on an annual plan, you’ll see the price change when you come to renew your subscription.

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