5 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments for Professional Audio

Shooting impressive videos with a GoPro or similar is all well and good, but if you don’t have a good action camera microphone attachment then your audio quality is probably suffering. Having clear, high-quality audio is essential for taking your GoPro videos up a level.

The onboard microphones in action cameras are never that great. The same goes for any video camera on the market, actually.

If you want to achieve good audio, then you need to look to a dedicated attachment that can allow you to use an external microphone on your GoPro, DJI Osmo Pocket, or similar camera.

Do you need an adaptor?

Depending on your camera, you may well need an adaptor to use some of these microphone attachments. Typically, you’ll want a 3.5mm jack input for the audio. Chances are you are using a GoPro, in which case you’ll need this official GoPro adaptor.

But if you’re using the DJI Osmo Pocket system, you’ll need this adaptor from DJI.

Now, let’s take a look at the best options for your audio needs.

5 Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

1. RØDE Wireless GO II

RØDE is one of the better-known brands in the audio space. It is relatively affordable too and so rather than isolating itself to Hollywood productions only, its microphones and attachments are popular choices amongst amateur and professional videographers.

The RØDE Wireless Go II system is a great choice for voice-capture, although it is not limited to that alone.

The system is ultra-compact and very easy to use, sporting dual channel microphones in a package that ways just 45 grams.

action camera microphone attachment

To use them, all you need to do is attach the receiver component to your camera. This then wirelessly connects to the microphone (of which there are two) that you can attach to your clothing or anywhere you wish.

The wireless connection means there are no wires which is ideal for those working with action cameras.

They are best suited when used as lapel microphones, and so if you’re looking to capture ambient sound then there are perhaps better options out there.

But if you are looking to record voices, then you may as well stop reading now as the RØDE Wireless GO II is unrivalled.

2. RØDE VideoMic Pro

Surprise surprise, it’s another microphone from RØDE.

The VideoMic Pro is a larger option, and something more suited to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. However, there is no doubting that the quality of the sound is suitable for a wide range of recordings.

So why am I suggesting this as an action camera microphone attachment? Well, not every setup requires the microphone to be mounted on top of the camera.

best microphone for a GoPro

In fact, if you put this microphone on top of a GoPro it’d look a little top-heavy! But if you mount it off to the side… now you’re looking at something more practical.

This is a shotgun microphone, and it is a good choice when you’re trying to record audio where the source is at a distance. You might be speaking to the camera, but don’t want a lapel microphone in shot. For such a situation, a shotgun microphone is ideal.

Having said that, it’s still a compact system at 23cm in length and weighing just 85 grams.

Note the foam covering too. That’s great for reducing wind noise and will make for clearer and crisper audio recordings.

3. RØDE VideoMicro

Not another one!? Yes, the RØDE VideoMicro is third on this list as it’s ideal for those situations where the VideoMic Pro is too big.

At 8cm long and only 42 grams, it has a much more compact form factor than the VideoMic Pro.

action camera microphone attachments

Despite its size, it still sports a microphone mounting attachment that will isolate the microphone from interference. This is great for situations where you’re moving the camera around, meaning that static noise is not picked up on the audio channel from touching the camera or wires.

The included windshield will reduce wind noise, but it may get in the way of the camera depending on how you mount the microphone. So this is something to be aware of.

4. Sennheiser Professional MKE 400

The larger of the action camera microphone attachments on this list, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 400 weighs in at over 300 grams and 13cm in length.

However, do not be deterred yet. The sound quality is unsurprisingly excellent from Sennheiser, although this is reflected marginally in the cost.

gopro microphone recommendations

It’s another shotgun microphone and is probably best mounted off to the side of the camera rather than on top. That’s easily done using a variety of different attachments, such as a noga arm.

5. Sennheiser Professional MKE 200

Back to the tiny, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 is the more compact cousin.

Again a shotgun microphone, this 113-gram system is more suitable for the smaller camera setups where you need to stay compact.

Sold in a “mobile kit,” the microphone comes with a small Manfrotto tripod and with corded wires to allow you to create quite a neat little setup.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best action camera microphone attachment for your camera.

Personally, if I am using something as compact as a GoPro, I will want an audio system to match. Therefore, I’d be more inclined to choose the VideoMicro or MKE 200 options due to their size.

Whatever the case, investing in an external microphone for an action camera is a great way to increase the production quality of your videos. After all, audio is key to immersing the viewer!

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