4 Essential Tips for Photographing Birds in Flight

Birds in flight are some of the hardest subjects to photograph as a wildlife photographer. But in this tutorial, Sam Rowley shares everything you need to know to get sharp action shots from our feathered friends.

This video was produced in partnership with B&H Photo Video.


The following links are for some equipment we recommend for birds in flight photography:

Wimberley Gimbal Head: http://geni.us/rrbEBaX
Benro Gimbal Head (Cheaper option): http://geni.us/11lsZcy

Nikkor 200-400mm lens: http://geni.us/eG52
Nikon 200-500mm lens (Cheaper option): http://geni.us/fhfnu9g

Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens: http://geni.us/fv9X

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Sam Rowley is a young wildlife photographer from England. Whilst photographing around the world, Sam spends a lot of time taking pictures of wildlife in and around London. His images have won countless awards, including been featured multiple times in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.