4 Essential Tips for Photographing Birds in Flight

Birds in flight are some of the hardest subjects to photograph as a wildlife photographer. But in this tutorial, Sam Rowley shares everything you need to know to get sharp action shots from our feathered friends.

This video was produced in partnership with B&H Photo Video.


The following links are for some equipment we recommend for birds in flight photography:

Wimberley Gimbal Head: http://geni.us/rrbEBaX
Benro Gimbal Head (Cheaper option): http://geni.us/11lsZcy

Nikkor 200-400mm lens: http://geni.us/eG52
Nikon 200-500mm lens (Cheaper option): http://geni.us/fhfnu9g

Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens: http://geni.us/fv9X

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Sam Rowley is a young wildlife photographer from England. Whilst photographing around the world, Sam spends a lot of time taking pictures of wildlife in and around London. His images have won countless awards, including the winner of the 11-14 age category in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 competition.

  • Raphael Bruckner

    You use a Nikon d7100 which for Wildlife Photography is Crap

    • I think this is great example of why gear doesn’t necessarily matter that much – as you can see from Sam’s resulting photos in the video.

      • Raphael Bruckner

        I have been shooting birds for 3 years with a D2x, D3x and a D800 (the D2x was fun to shoot with great frame rate but only 12 megapixels….but I digress) the reason I bought the 7100 was I didn’t want too beat up my high end equipment such as it is. I found the the 7100 wanting is speed and focusing so I sold it and you Will Nichols get to see it’s replacement…..it just arrived and you right gear doesn’t necessarily matter but it can help https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f8ad4d7fbb8cdf712581b9073f33404079bc14c46be3f53778fa5783826bdac.jpg

        • The D500 will be better than the D7100 for tracking focus, of course. But the techniques discussed in the video will work for any camera. Good luck with the new body – it’s a great camera with a powerful focusing system!

          I can also see how eagerly you tore into the box!! 😀

          • Raphael Bruckner

            Yeah techniques are alway going to be the foundation you are right…….as far as the box You bet ya😁 take care and keep in touch

  • Martin

    Any decent camera and lens combo will focus just fine on a bird in flight with a converter. So don’t throw your TC away!
    Do however throw away your tripod centre column or at least keep it lowered. Especially if your tripod legs are not fully extended.