The Ultimate Landscape Load-Out for Heading into the Wild

Most landscape photographers have experienced it: you’re halfway up a mountain, the sky a gorgeous blend of colours and light falling in all the right places. You bend to open your camera bag then all of a sudden your heart drops – you’ve forgotten that prized piece of gear!

In this video by Thomas Heaton he makes sure that never happens again, by giving a bag-breakdown which is the key to his success when out in the field. Basking in the sunny Alps at a spot that puts The Sound of Music to shame, Thomas opens up his Osprey Kestrel 68 and gives us a look at what’s hiding in the almost infinite amount of pockets.

From cameras to clothing and powerbanks to powerbars, Thomas produces a stream of kit that would turn any photographer green with gear-envy. Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier, he casually whips out a drone as if paying for a pint of milk!

Oh and don’t forget your wallet he reminds us, for that refreshing post-photography beer. Cheers to that, Thomas!


Ed Carr is a Yorkshire-born landscape photographer and nature writer. Having spent his youth in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, he takes any opportunity to don his hiking boots and head out, camera in hand. When not out taking pictures or hastily scribbling down his thoughts, Ed’s halfway up a hill out chasing after his dog, Hendrix.