How to Shoot a Day to Night Time-lapse

Capturing a time-lapse of a beautiful sunset, followed by the Milky Way Galaxy moving through the sky, is not easy. In this tutorial, learn how to shoot and process a time-lapse from day to night.

Presented by landscape and astrophotographer Matthew Saville, learn how to properly expose and shoot your time-lapse, and then how to correctly put it all together using LR Timelapse.

This video was produced by, in partnership with B&H Photo Video –


Got your eye on some of the gear used in this video? You can find everything at the following links:

Nikon D750:
Tokina 17-35mm f/4:

Alpinelabs Radian for Moving Time-lapses:
Slik Lite CF-422 Tripod:

External Battery kit:
Sun Surveyor app:

LR Time-lapse:



Matthew Saville is a landscape and timelapse photographer based in Southern California. He is an avid astro-landscape shooter who enjoys backpacking and camping. Matthew’s goal is to use photography to promote conservation-minded enjoyment of the great outdoors. His website,, is dedicated to his adventure stories and DIY camera gear for timelapse and nightscape photography.

  • Myer

    Having Problems getting LR Time Lapse to work

    • Hi Myer,

      I must admit, the learning curve for LR Timelapse is VERY steep at first. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s amazingly fast and easy!

      We’ll definitely be producing more tutorials on this subject as soon as possible, however in the meantime if you have a particular issue that you’re stumped on, feel free to ask a question here and I’ll do my best to answer. Alternately, LRT has a great support forum where the creator of the app itself is quite active!