How to Shoot a Day to Night Time-lapse

Capturing a time-lapse of a beautiful sunset, followed by the Milky Way Galaxy moving through the sky, is not easy. In this tutorial, learn how to shoot and process a time-lapse from day to night.

Presented by landscape and astrophotographer Matthew Saville, learn how to properly expose and shoot your time-lapse, and then how to correctly put it all together using LR Timelapse.

This video was produced by, in partnership with B&H Photo Video –


Got your eye on some of the gear used in this video? You can find everything at the following links:

Nikon D750:
Tokina 17-35mm f/4:

Alpinelabs Radian for Moving Time-lapses:
Slik Lite CF-422 Tripod:

External Battery kit:
Sun Surveyor app:

LR Time-lapse:



Matthew Saville is a landscape and timelapse photographer based in Southern California. He is an avid astro-landscape shooter who enjoys backpacking and camping. Matthew's goal is to use photography to promote conservation-minded enjoyment of the great outdoors. His website,, is dedicated to his adventure stories and DIY camera gear for timelapse and nightscape photography.