10 Wildlife Photography Tips You Can’t Miss

Sometimes you’re not looking for an answer to a specific question when you’re after advice on how to improve your wildlife photography. Well, luckily we have got 10 wildlife photography tips that you don’t want to miss in our latest video! These tips cover a range of different things that you’ll find yourself doing, or faced with, as a photographer. From lighting through to specialist focusing techniques, there’s surely something new for you here.

Presented by Nature TTL’s founder Will Nicholls, this video looks at a number of things that you’ll want to keep in mind when heading out onto your next wildlife photography shoot. If you stuck in a bit of a rut, or are wanting to take your photos to the next level, then hopefully these tips will usher you on your way.

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Will Nicholls is the founder of Nature TTL and a professional wildlife photographer and film-maker from England. Having been photographing since the age of 12, Will's images have won a string of awards, including the title of "Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year" in 2009 from the British Wildlife Photography Awards. Will is also the author of the book On the Trail of Red Squirrels.