We have a number of different categories you can enter in this year’s competition, ensuring there is something for all nature photographers!

Check out the category descriptions below to ensure that your image is entered into the appropriate section. Our Overall Winner will be chosen from the category winners.

Find out what you could win onĀ this page, and read the Competition Rules here.

wild portraits

Focused on beautiful portraits of wildlife, this category is usually more “traditional.” Favoured by photographers who want to showcase an animal with a straight-forward portrait.

animal behaviour

Photos that capture animal behaviour in the wild. This could be interactions between multiple individuals, or one going about its day and interacting with its environment.


An increasingly popular category of wildlife photography. This category focuses on urban wildlife photography and the increasingly urban world that we live in.

Images should have an element of urban life alongside a wildlife subject. That could be a fox in a city setting, birds nesting on a wall, or something else.


This category focuses on the underwater world. This could be marine animals, as well as landscapes and macro beneath the waves.

Small World

Macro and close-up photos can be entered here. This is both “traditional” macro photography as well as images of smaller critters in general.


Photos that show off the beauty of our natural world through landscapes.

The night sky

Stars, celestial phenomenon, and more. Anything space-related that focuses on the night sky should be entered into this category.

Camera traps

Camera traps are capable of capturing some incredible images. This category focuses on just that. Any type of camera trap is suitable for this category, from “off the shelf” Bushnells through to more advanced DSLR setups.

Youth award

Open to those aged 17 years or below on the 5th March 2023, the winner will be crowned the Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2023.