2022 Winners: Wild Portraits

Category Winner

‘I See You’ by Tomasz Szpila, Poland

When a huge lion looks you right in the eyes, you immediately forget that you are sitting safely in the car. Instinctively, you cower and slowly retreat deeper inside the car so as not to provoke a predator. Fortunately, he and his brothers were busy consuming the young buffalo that had been hunted several minutes earlier.



‘A Moment of Wilderness’ by Matt Engelmann

Since I cautiously observed the dog fox for a month, I noticed that this place was well used as a marking spot. The picture is taken with a wide-angle lens with a remote shutter release, so as not to disturb the fox. 


Highly Commended

‘Golden Light’ by Mitchell Lewis, Australia

Highly Commended

‘Pachyderm’ by Jan Piecha, Germany

Highly Commended

‘Temminck’s Pangolin at Dusk’ by Shannon Wild, Australia