2022 Winners: Urban Wildlife

Category Winner

‘City Hare’ by Jan Piecha, Germany

During the daytime this place on the outskirts is totally crowded by people going about their daily business. But at night, it belongs to the animals that come out to play under the streetlights.



‘Glow Worm Metropolis’ by Josselin Cornou

A city of glow worms are populating this old train station, providing beautiful lights on rainy days. This place was an old railway, which is now abandoned. The railway was closed at the beginning of the 20th century. Then, nature started to populate this place. In this photo, millions of glowworms can be seen. To make this photo happen, I had to travel to the location during a storm, as an ephemeral waterfall would start to appear. A day after this photo was taken, the tunnel was flooded.


Highly Commended

‘Colorful Night’ by Mohammad Murad, Kuwait

Highly Commended

‘In the Spotlight’ by Pierre Watson, USA

Highly Commended

‘The Phantom Effect’ by Ajay Kumar Singh, India