2022 Winners: Overall

Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022

‘A Cat and Its Prize’ by Dennis Stogsdill, USA

We had received word about a serval hunting birds along the shore of Lake Ndutu (lower Serengeti) so we raced over to see. Upon arrival, we quickly realised that it was in fact a caracal and not a serval, and it was hunting flamingos that were feeding in the shallows. Within a minute of arrival, the caracal started stalking and eventually was successful (in dramatic fashion) at hunting one of the beautiful but unlucky birds. In this image you see the caracal walking off with its prize.


Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022

‘Vantage Points’ by Achintya Murthy, India

Malabar Parakeets are wonderful creatures. They are also called blue winged parakeets. They usually flock together and are seen in huge numbers. In the midst of a bunch of activities, it was my privilege to shoot this image from a bird hide. These two are fighting over a stump that had paddy grains as its feed.