2022 Winners: Camera Traps

Category Winner

‘Ice Bear’ by Geoffrey Reynaud, France

A large grizzly bear passes in front of my camera trap. In the Yukon, Canada, a unique phenomena happens every year. The bears will freeze their fur and stay out until the month of December, despite the temperature reaching as low as -30 degrees Celsius. This picture was taken by a camera trap set up along the river about 2 days before a snow storm. The temperature was starting to drop to -15C, and the bear was only starting to become an “ice bear”.



‘Top of the World’ by Sascha Fonseca, Germany

A Snow leopard scans for prey across the jagged peaks of the Ladakh mountain range in India. Thick snow blankets the ground, but the big cat’s dense coat and furry footpads keep it warm. I captured this image during a three year DSLR camera trap project in the Indian Himalayas. Challenges were many: High altitude, low oxygen, luna-esque terrain, finding productive locations, getting the equipment in place, and maintaining it over long periods of time.


Highly Commended

‘Still Surviving’ by Thomas Vijayan, Canada

Highly Commended

‘Starlight Stalker’ by Lee Mansfield, United Kingdom

Highly Commended

‘The Landlord’ by Pruthvi B, India