2021 Winners: Overall

Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021

‘ The World is Going Upside Down’ by Thomas Vijayan

After spending few days in Borneo, I got this frame stuck in my mind. To get this shot, I selected a tree that was in the water so that I could get a good reflection of the sky and its leaves on the tree. The water formed a mirror, making the image look upside-down.

Then I climbed up on the tree and waited for hours. This is a regular path for the orangutans to use, so patience would surely pay off.

Nikon D850 with 8-15mm lens. 1/400th, f/4.5, ISO 5,000.

Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021

‘Spoilt for Choice’┬áby┬áThomas Easterbrook

This photo was taken while we were watching a starling murmuration. This peregrine came out of nowhere to attack the murmuration and I was pleased to capture it at work!

Nikon D7500 with Nikon 18-300mm lens. 1/640th, f/6.3, ISO 800.