The Cradle of Life by Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz

Runner-up – Under 16 category

Image title: The Cradle of Life
Photographer: Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz
Location: Hungary
Equipment used: DJI FC300C

Caption information:

 Late winter in February, the soda lakes are full of life in Hungary. These lakes are the sanctuary of wide variety water birds.

There is a nice, but unknown, hidden lake between the village of Tömörkény and Pálmonostora which is surrounded and covered with cane and sedge – therefore impossible to observe.

I took this aerial photograph by a remotely controlled drone. I use a special technique to slowly approach the birds from very high altitude, which is a method also used by conservation experts to count the population of the birds.

In the picture the wild ducks roil in the muddy water and leave lines in the yellowish-brownish, sometimes purple, water coloured by organic materials coming from decomposition of cane. The sparkling colour pallet of the image is composed by the blue sky and the white cloud reflection on the water’s surface.