Home Sweet Home by Jesslyn Saw

Highly Commended – Macro category

Image title: Home Sweet Home
Photographer: Jesslyn Saw
Location: Malaysia
Equipment used: Olympus EM5 mark II + 60mm f2.8 macro lens

Caption information:

 While on holiday at my family home in Malaysia, I set out to document as many different types of jumping spiders as possible in a fortnight.

Battling the rain and heat and humidity of the tropics, the best time to hunt these spiders was early in the morning and late afternoon. It was on one of these late afternoon jaunts that I saw this colourful jumping spider and discovered a nest nearby. Hoping that the nest belonged to this particular spider, I came back again early the next morning to photograph it in its nest. To my delight, I saw that the nest did indeed belong to this spider. However, it took me another two days of early morning visits to finally successfully photograph the spider in its nest.