Iceland Landscape Photography Workshop

October 8th - 15th 2018

£3520 ($4495)

Iceland is a place of wondrous landscapes and endless photographic inspiration. Join us there for an exploration of this stunning country, through your lens, with National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner!

During this 8-day photography tour, you’ll experience:

  • Cascading waterfalls
  • Towering glaciers
  • Powerful geysers
  • Geothermal lagoons
  • And, with luck, the Northern Lights!


This tour is operated by Penda Photo Tours. Enquire below for more details and booking information:

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During this photography workshop, we’ll take you to Iceland’s photographic highlights on the country’s southern coast. We’ll capture impressive waterfalls, climb towering glaciers, chvel at powerful geysers, and soak in a steaming hot pool of a geothermal lagoon. We’ll photograph a unique glacier lagoon during the best light of the day.

We’ll also explore some cultural photography as we visit some quaint Icelandic villages. On top of this, we’ll do some night photography and if we’re lucky, this will include the famous and phenomenal Northern Lights. It will be a full photographic exploration of a country with a truly unique character.


You’ll have the opportunity to be guided by photographer Tyrone Turner, who will be there to help you take the best possible images. Tyrone will give lectures at our accommodation as well as practical support while you’re photographing. His tuition will be tailored to everyone’s level; you’ll be able to get as much or as little guidance as you’d like.

The combination of Iceland’s exceptional beauty and Tyrone’s expertise will leave you with inspiration, improved skills, and a collection of impressive photographs.


The tour will cost $4495 per person sharing (enquire about single supplements):

The price includes:

  • Bed & breakfast at comfortable lodges and hotels
  • All transport during the tour
  • Airport transfers
  • Entrance fees
  • Photographic tutoring by Tyrone Turner
  • Guidance by a local guide

The price doesn’t include:

  • Flights to Reykjavik
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Lunch & dinner

Key Details

Some key details of this tour:

  • Max Group Size: 8
  • Experience Level Required: Suitable for all levels
  • Focus: Landscape photography
  • Tour leader: Tyrone Turner
  • Tour dates: October 8 – 15th 2018

Recommended Equipment:

  • DSLR camera
  • Range of lenses (wides to short telephotos)
  • Tripod or bean bag
  • Sturdy camera bag
  • Laptop


Dates: October 8th – 15th 2018

During the Iceland photography tour, we will travel across the striking southern part of Iceland, where we find most of the country’s photographic highlights. We’ll keep our itinerary flexible to a degree, to ensure that we make use of any photographic opportunities that arise and allow for spontaneous photo shoots.

On our travels, we will stop to photograph coastal landscapes, climb glaciers, and visit quaint Icelandic villages. But we will definitely be spending some good time at the following highlights:

Seljalandsfoss: A waterfall that offers unique photographic opportunities. Sparkling white falls gracefully plummet sixty-three meters into the Seljalands River; this water cycles back into the sources’ origin in the volcanic glacier Eyjafjallajökull. The falls allow access to a cave and walking path behind the cascading water, which allows interesting angles for photography; you will be seeing the crystal curtains of water drop from inside the cliff.

The Blue Lagoon: These Geothermal Waters are one of the 25 wonders of the world. These crystal blue pools originate 2,000 meters below the earth’s surface, and have a unique composition of silica, algae and minerals that do wonders for the skin. The lagoon holds 9 million liters of water and the most relaxing atmosphere you can imagine, at temperatures of 37-40 degrees Celsius.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: Unlike a lot of the country’s historic landscape, this gorgeous lake developed relatively recently, as a result of increasing temperatures. As the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull adjusts to rising temps, ice chunks continually break off and float into a lagoon of melted ice. We will travel by boat across the water’s surface, getting as close to chunks of glacier as safely possible. We will spend time photographing the incredibly unique landscape, at the best possible light.


Geysir Hot Spring: A sight not be be missed. Hot geothermal waters underneath the earth’s crust remain boiling hot year round due to underground volcanic activity. Steam and hot water is regularly shot up to 30 meters into the air by geysers fired up by nature’s hot magma.

Gulfoss Waterfall: Impressive waterfalls that drops into a picturesque canyon, surrounded by walls up to 70 meters high. If we are lucky enough to have a sunny day, a shining rainbow is known to hover above the cascading waters.

Reykjanes Lighthouse: An iconic lighthouse that can be framed beautifully into the surrounding landscape.

Gunnuhver Mud Pool: An experience not to be missed! You can go for a swim in pools of vitamin-enriched mud naturally heated by volcanic activity under the Earth’s surface.

Astrophotography & Northern Lights: Iceland’s skies are a perfect inspiration for star photography, which we’ll be exploring most evenings. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to experience the famous Northern Lights; a unique and hugely photogenic phenomenon.

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