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The Claw
Author: Will Nicholls
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Grey Seals are great fun to photograph but its not just about the cute pups. Soon after the females ween their pups they soon become fertile and ready to breed again. Bulls hold territories and those that are older and more dominant may win the right to mate with as many as six females. Protecting a harem is a full-time job, with males often not feeding for several weeks. Mating can take place on land or in water and sometimes sneaky non-dominant bulls will mate with a cow, while the dominant bull is mating with another of his harem.The fights can be brutal leaving the males injured. They often bite chunks and claw each others necks and bodies. Often leaving them quite bloody and bruised. I got fairly lucky with this image, it's difficult when shooting such a quick action scene to get a nice clean composition that shows the fight. This particular shot stood out from the series as I loved the swipe of the claws to the opponents neck.
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