Often known as the bridge between Europe and Africa, Spain is an absolute must for anyone wanting a top class wildlife photography workshop or holiday.

With the second most biosphere reserves in the world, Spain has an amazing range of species to photograph that are found nowhere else in Europe; from flora to fauna, there is always something to see.

Wildlife photography workshops in Spain benefit from the country's pleasant climate; with its warm and sunny weather you won’t want to leave! From the coasts to the mountains of the Pyrenees, there are a number of endangered species that call Spain home - including the Iberian lynx and wolf.

During the beginning of summer, groups of orcas can be seen in the waters of Tarifa, along the Strait of Gibraltar as they feed on the incredible number of fish travelling through the Mediterranean Sea.

Later on in the year, between September and October, a spectacle like no other can be observed across a number of the national parks. Stags prepare for the mating season by bellowing across the forests and valleys. Bring warm clothes as dusk is the ideal time to see this event take place.

The range of opportunities for landscape photography workshops in Spain is incredible. From mountains and volcanoes along the north-east to the underground caves and river canyons further south, there is something for everyone here.

Containing the most UNESCO-designated geoparks in Europe, it is an absolute must for any landscape photographer looking to fill their portfolio with some of the most beautiful landscapes in southern Europe.

If you’re going to do a landscape photography workshop in Spain, make sure that you travel to the north of the country. From the rugged peaks and ancient towns, to the captivating seascapes and mysterious badlands, this is a paradise for landscape photographers.

The area is still relatively unknown to most landscape photographers, meaning that you won’t have to fight for a spot to get that perfect sunrise photo!

In order to experience the region at its best, visit during May. As it transitions from the grey of winter to the ever present blue skies of summer, this time of year gives the best weather for dramatic landscape photography with amazing cloud formations and beautiful light.

Santander is the perfect place to stay as it is much calmer than some of the other, larger cities and offers a great base from which to explore the nearby national parks. Some of the best regions to visit are Cantabria, Asturias, and Biscay.

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