A photography workshop in Scotland is unlikely to disappoint. The country is famed for both its wildlife and landscapes, and is home to some of the most wild regions that Great Britain has to offer.

From the Highlands to the Hebrides, you’ll have to come back again and again to see everything that Scotland has to offer. Many well-known UK photographers live in Scotland, too. It’s no surprise, really, as they have such a wealth of photographic opportunities on their doorsteps.

If you’re looking to explore Scotland with your camera, it is worth embarking on a photography workshop or using the services of a local photography guide to help you. There are many popular places to visit, but those with local knowledge are able to take you to the more secretive corners of Scotland.

Scotland is a popular destination amongst wildlife photographers looking to explore the beautiful Highlands and vast forests for some of the UK’s more elusive animals. Wild red deer can be photographed from the roadside, with numerous encounters possible from a drive through the right areas. But don’t forget to keep looking upwards as you might spot a golden eagle or white-tailed eagle spiralling high on the thermals.

Gorgeous mountain hares are dotted all over hillsides, turning white in the winter months and becoming very photogenic. Black grouse and capercaillie can sometimes be found lekking in remote locations, and Scottish wildcats are known to prowl around in the night.

Red squirrels and pine martens are numerous here, and it’s possible to photograph them in many Scottish forests through the use of a specialised wildlife photography hide. Head to the coast for more photographic opportunities, including dolphins and otters which can be photographed from land. Don’t forget to explore the Scottish Isles though, which are havens for wildlife as well.

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